GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss in just 7 Days

We all have resolved to lose a few kg on every new year’s eve. But once we get busy with our lives, plans for weight loss go for a toss.  Let us look at the GM diet plan for weight loss, which claims not only to help you lose weight, but also detoxify the body.
Well, GM Diet plan has been around for years, and if something is being practiced for so many years, there must be something fruitful coming out of it.
That is what exactly is the GM Diet plan.
The GM diet plan has been in practice for more than three decades. General Motors initiated this plan in order to keep their employees fit and healthy.
This plan also helped them increase their productivity, made them more efficient and maintain the weight of their body.
Those who have even once followed the plan has become a fan of it. It never fails to show the result. The result might not be desired in first few attempts but it never upsets you.
This diet advices the people to eat some selective food for 1 week. Let us see , if you should give it a shot or not?

What is GM Diet Plan?

The GM diet plan is a weight loss diet plan.
GM diet plan also called General Motors diet plan, assures you to at least shed 6 pounds in 1 week. For each day, you will have to consume different food.that stimulates the weight loss and works much faster than any weight loss plan could. You will need to be extremely dedicated to follow it by eating specific food and liquids for 1 week.


The General Motors (GM) diet was said to be formulated by General Motors, with the help of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and US Department of Agriculture in 1985.(7) It aimed to increase productivity and efficiency, and improve employee health standards.(1)
The diet was claimed to be a great success. According to urban legends, employees reported losing 10-17 pounds in a week and an increase in energy and confidence levels.
However, no evidence could confirm this. Hence, origins of the popularly known “GM Diet” remain unknown. Nevertheless,  it has become a sort of urban legend, with followers swearing by it. It is also known as the “cabbage soup” diet and “sacred heart diet” in popular culture.
White rice and dairy products other than milk are strictly forbidden on all seven days of the week in the GM diet plan. However, it recommends drinking lots of water, and eating fruits and vegetables, which have been proven to aid in weight loss(2).

GM Diet Chart

What makes the GM diet popular is that it is free, and the diet plan does not exclude any food groups; which is the case with Atkins and Keto diet. The GM diet recommends eating specific food groups for each day of the week. Moreover, it does not restrict portion sizes.
Before starting any diet, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. Avoid any food you are allergic to.
Here is a standard GM diet chart:

GM Diet Vegetarian

Those who follow a vegetarian diet, or want to incorporate Indian elements, can customize their meal plan by figuring out substitutes. For example, vegetarians can substitute meat with cheese or beans on the 5th and 6th day of the GM diet. Similarly, Indians can substitute meat with paneer or cottage cheese, include fish and eggs, staples like pulses, beans, grams and curd.

GM diet weight loss chart

The plan is based on the principle that the food eaten will provide less calories than the amount you burn. This leads to a negative calorie effect on the body, which leads to weight loss. However, in no instance is starving recommended.
When cravings intensify, eat the foods recommended in the respective day of the diet.  It is better to eat at regular intervals.
In order to lose weight,  restrict alcohol intake or addictive substances(3). Diet must be supplemented with regular exercise and physical activity to enable weight loss.
Also, stopping the diet or indulging in prohibited foods can lead to unhealthy weight gain.
Let us now discuss the GM diet plan in detail.

GM Diet plan for weight loss: GM Diet plan for 7 days

GM Diet Day 1 : Fruits Day

GM Diet Plan - day 1
GM Diet Plan – day 1

To eat: Only fruits. Watermelon, cantaloupe, papaya, kiwi, apples and oranges. Fiber-rich fruits like strawberries and guava are recommended, as they make you feel fuller. Melons are highly recommended, as they have high water content. Cucumber is an excellent substitute for those cannot eat cantaloupe or papaya. In addition to that, drink 8-10 glasses of water.
To avoid: In fruits, bananas are strictly prohibited. Also, avoid packaged fruit juices or smoothies.
Tips: If you get cravings, grab a bowl of fruit. It is best to eat at regular intervals.
For breakfast, avoid sour fruits like oranges and go for melons and apples. To avoid giving into carb-cravings, drink lots of water to feel full.

  • Have your breakfast sharp at 8:30 in the morning.Start it with a glass of water and 1 medium sized apple.
  • Mid – morning snack till 10:30 Am. Take one bowl full of Cantaloupes a 1 glass of water.
  • Lunch time at 12 pm noon. Have 2 large slices of watermelon with two glasses of water.
  • Mid noon snack should be taken till 4pm.Eat 1 orange and a glass of water.
  • Take your evening snacks at 6:30Pm.Have 1 pear and a glass of water.
  • Finish your day with the dinner at 8Pm. Take 1/2 grapefruit,1 guava, and 2 glasses of water.

GM Diet day 2 : All Green Day

Your diet will include only vegetables on day 2. It can be boiled or raw. The choice is yours. Start your day with a boiled potato and some butter.This will keep you energetic for the whole day.
To eat: Only vegetables. Beans, carrots, cucumber, leafy greens, tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, lettuce and cabbage. It is better to eat potato at breakfast itself.
A good way to follow this is to make a special GM soup- which can be made by boiling vegetables. Saute some garlic and onion in as little oil as possible, add veggies of your choice and boil. The soup can be had on any day where veggies are recommended.
To avoid: It is better to avoid mushrooms, which are rich in proteins.
Oil should be avoided . If you want to cook, better to boil, bake or blanch the vegetables. Dressings, dips and sauces should be used sparingly.
Tips: You can cook the vegetables, but remember that no oil is allowed to do so. To add flavour to the food, use a little butter or dressings or vinaigrette.
Broccoli can by substituted with cauliflowers and vice-versa. Sweet potato and yam can be eaten instead of potatoes.
Try making a vegetable salad if boiled food feels unpalatable.

  • Choose vegetables that you think you can eat easily .
  • Since it’s a non calorie day ,You just need to consume vegetables .You can make it interesting by adding some basil and oregano . It will provide you necessary fibres and nutrients from these green vegetables.
GM Diet Day 2
GM Diet Day 2

Day 2 GM Diet Plan chart

  • Start your day with 1 medium sized boiled potato with 1 teaspoon of butter.
  • Take your mid-morning snack at 10:30 AM:
  • Have some lettuce and then drink a glass of water.
  • You should take your lunch till 12.Noon. You should eat 1 onion,1 cucumber,½ carrot, with two glasses of water.
  • Have your afternoon snack at 4PM. Take ½ cup of sliced bell pepper cup of boiled broccoli and 2 glasses of water.
  • Take your evening snack at 6:30Pm. Eat mixed boiled broccoli carrot, green beans, and beet with 2 glasses of water.
  • End your day with , mixed boiled broccoli carrot, green beans, and beet with two glasses of water.

GM Diet Day 3 : Vegetables and fruits Day

Now, it is the time to mix up both that you were having from last two days. Don’t take any boiled potato today. You can eat many times .You will start shedding weight from today onwards. So, start munching…
To Eat: Both fruits and vegetables. As usual, drink 8-10 glasses of water.
To avoid: Bananas and potatoes are strictly forbidden on Day 3 of the GM diet. Also, avoid protein-rich vegetables like beans, lentils and mushrooms.
Tips: It is better to start the day with fruits and then have vegetables for lunch and dinner. When you feel like a snack, eat some fruits.
The special GM soup can be had for lunch or dinner.

Day 3 GM diet plan

  • Breakfast at 8:30PM.You can have an apple with 2 glasses of water.
  • Mid-morning : sliced pineapples,1 pear with 2 glasses of water.
  • Lunch : Take a bowl of mixed onions,cucumber, lettuce, carrots, and drink 2 glasses of water.
  • Afternoon snack at 4 PM : Have 1 orange with a glass of water.
  • Evening snack : Eat 1 guava or a pear.
  • Dinner at 8 PM : a bowl full of broccoli, ½ cup boiled raw papaya .and also ½ raw papaya . Eat ½ beet , and 2 glasses of water.

GM Diet Day 4 : The banana plus milk day

You can have about 6 bananas and drink about 4 glasses of milk. This will give your body necessary sodium and potassium . You can also take soup this day. The ingredients of soup will be onions, garlic, and lots of tomatoes. It promotes weight loss. Have it once in a day.
To Eat: Bananas, milk and soup. This helps replenish potassium and sodium that the body had lost in the last three days. Have 8-10 bananas and 3-4 glasses of milk throughout the day.
To Avoid: Avoid any other forms of protein.
Tips: Those who find milk unpalatable can opt for curd or soy milk. If bananas become monotonous, include some figs. The GM soup can come in handy on this day, since the meal plan is pretty restrictive.

GM Diet plan day 4

GM diet plan day 4 is as follows:

  • Breakfast : 2 bananas and a glass of milk.
  • Mid – morning snack : have a banana shake made of 1 glass milk and 1 banana.
  • Lunch : 1 bowl of vegetable soup with lots of carrot ,cabbage, and onions.
  • afternoon snack : Time for a banana shake again .
  • Dinner : 2 bananas with a glass of milk.

GM Diet Day 5 : A day full of Protein .

This 5th day you need to consume the adequate amount of protein.
To Eat: Animal proteins, tomatoes, brown rice or quinoa. Eat six tomatoes through the day. Non-vegetarians can opt for fish, skinless chicken or eggs.
For Vegetarians: Vegetarians can have paneer or cottage cheese, or tofu instead of meat.
To Avoid: Fruits, spicy condiments, fatty cuts and chicken with skin. While cooking meat, avoid frying. Bake, roast or sautee instead.
Frozen yogurts have high sugar content, so avoid them.
Tips: For breakfast, you can include some kidney beans with tomatoes. Eat meat or paneer for lunch and dinner. Opt for leaner cuts like breasts while cooking meat. A sprouts salad is also tasty substitute for meat. You can customize the special GM soup with tomatoes to meet the diet requirements of the day.

GM diet plan day 5

  • Breakfast : A bowl full of red kidney beans, 2 tomatoes, lemon, and pepper with 2 glasses of water.
  • Mid- morning snack : with a cup of curd and 2 glasses of water have you mid-morning snack.
  • Lunch : a cup of brown rice , palak paneer and 2 glasses of water.
  • Afternoon snack : Have some fresh sprouts with lemon juice,coriander, tomatoes, onions and some salt. .
  • Dinner : Have some vegetable soup, a curry made of soya chunks. A salad full if cucumber and tomatoes . Drink 2 glasses of water.
GM Diet Day 5
GM Diet Day 5

GM Diet Day 6 Vegetarian Plan : Give up the tomatoes.

Well, GM diet day 6 vegetarian plan contains cottage cheese, sprouts and other vegetables.
To Eat: Meat, protein and vegetables. Non-vegetarians can go for the combination of brown rice and their choice of protein for lunch and dinner. The GM diet soup can be included in the meal plan for the day.
For Vegetarians: Sprouts, beans, mushrooms, grams, lentils and soya beans can prove to be good substitutes for meat. To break the monotony, toss vegetables into rice to make a veg pulav.
To avoid: Some dietitians restrict dairy products on day 6 of the GM diet. Fruits should be avoided, as should be fatty cuts of meat.
Vegetables like potato and sweet potato are off-limits.

GM diet 6th day

Breakfast : a cup of mixed boiled vegetables and 2 glasses of water.
Mid- morning snack : Take 1/2 bowl of boiled beans, 1 tomato with some salt and pepper. Add 2 glasses of water.
Afternoon snack at 4PM : An apple with a glass of water.
Evening Snack : a bowl of sprouted or boiled lentils, with a glass of water.
Dinner : Take a bowl of boiled mixed veggies and a glass of water.

GM Diet Day 7 : The final Meal day.

You can have some meal this day, but avoid overdoing it.
To Eat: Fruit juices, brown rice, vegetables. Fruit juices should be made at home, without added sugar.
To Avoid: Packaged fruit juices should be strictly avoided. All meats are off limits on the seventh day. Similarly, avoid protein-rich vegetables lie beans, mushrooms and sprouts.
Tips: Toss in veggies with rice to add some variety, or make a vegetable salad.
Diet Chart :

  • Breakfast : have 1 bowl of sliced melon with 2 glasses of water.
  • Mid- morning snack : Eat a cup of carrot, some berries and a glass of water.
  • Lunch : A bowl of sauted vegetables with some brown rice and 2 glasses of water.
  • Afternoon snack : Take a pear with a glass of water.
  • Evening snack : Have a guava with a glass of water.
  • Dinner: a bowl of soup of mixed veggies and have 2 glasses of water.

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GM Diet Indian Version

Well, if you really want to follow GM diet you need to follow its real version, which has been shared above. However, as many people do not eat beef or are vegetarian they can can find a replacement that provide desired nutrition.

GM Diet plan Indian Version

Here is what you can do:
GM diet Indian vegetarian: Replace beef with soya curd or soya meal.
GM diet plan India non-vegetarian: If you are non-vegetarian, you can eat Lamb or mutton.

How does GM Diet Work

May people ask if GM Diet really works. (7) Here is an explanation of how GM Diet works:

  • When you start GM diet on day 1 you start preparing your system for the upcoming programme. During the next 7 days your only source of nutrition is fresh fruits. Well, fruits are nature’s perfect food and it provide everything you could possibly want to sustain life.
  • On GM diet Day 2 you get complex carbohydrate with butter. Generally this is taken in the morning so that you have sufficient energy through the day. During the rest of the day you can eat as much vegetables as you want. Vegetables keep you calorie free, while supplying sufficient micro-nutrients and fibre.
  • On GM Diet day 3 you eat vegetables (except potato) and fruits. This is the day when your body starts to burn extra pounds. Though will still have some food craving, however by day 4 it will diminish completely.
  • During GM diet 4th day you will eat bananas, milk and soup. This food provide you potassium and sodium that you have lost during the last 3 days. During this day your desire to eat other food products die.
  • On GM diet 5th day you eat Beef and tomatoes. Consumption of beef provides you iron and protein and tomato improves digestion and provides fiber. At the same time consumption of water help you purify your body. During this day you might experience colourless urine.
  • GM diet of 6th day  is similar to day 5 as you consume beef and vegetables. Today your system is ready to start shedding much more weight then before.
  • On gm diet 7th day you take a complete meal and your system surely will feel much healthier.

GM Diet Side Effects

One of the biggest benefit of gm diet plan side effects is due to it being low on proteins. Therefore, GM Diet can lead to fatigue. There is evidence to show that intake of proteins may lead to weight loss(5). This may lead to associated symptoms like headaches and exhaustion. This again can lead to several psychosomatic symptoms. Doctors do not recommend it for long term(6).
GM Diet may lead to muscle loss.  Thus, it is not recommended for athletes and body-builders.
Similarly, diabetics should not opt for the diet unless approved by the doctor, as fruits and potatoes contain a high amount of sugar. People with anemia should also stay away, as they need proteins and iron-rich foods like bananas.
Remember that this diet plan was designed for Americans in USA, and may not be suitable for the Indian palate or conditions. Most Indians prefer vegetables cooked, but GM Diet does not prescribe any way of cooking them.
Also, GM is a gluten free diet, so Indians cannot substitute brown rice with chapatis.
Moreover, GM Diet does not offer any recommendations on physical activity or exercises. Once the diet stops, the weight lost can come back sooner and stronger.

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GM Diet Review

If you want to lose weight quick, GM Diet is an effective way. However, it  is not sustainable in the long run. It does not take Indian food habits and climate into consideration. There is no substitute for a balanced diet, physical activity and regular exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Also, it  is always advised to consult a doctor before starting any diet.

GM Diet FAQs

Q1 What is the GM diet?

GM diet stands for General Motors diet. It is a weight loss plan that promises fast results and increase in productivity and efficiency. The GM diet mandates that you eat certain types of food for each day of the week and drink lots of water throughout. There is no specified portion size, so you may eat as much as you want of the food recommended for the given day.

Q2 Is the GM diet free?

Yes. It can be easily downloaded from the internet. Various books are available online on this matter. There are many blogs that provide a rough outline for free. However, always consult a doctor or dietitian before starting any diet.

Q3 How does GM diet work?

In GM diet, you have to eat specific foods each day of the week. Carb intake is reduced. It is low on fatty substances, hence it helps reduce weight. GM diet includes more vegetables and fruits, which are fat free and full of anti-oxidants. The body starts burning stored fat to produce energy, while the plant-rich diet prevents fat build up. Followers of this diet claim to shed almost 17 pounds in a week.

Q5 What do you eat in GM diet?

More fruits, vegetables, some meat and lots of water. Each day, a specific group of food should be eaten. On day1 of the diet, eat only fruits except bananas. On the second day, eat as many green and leafy vegetables as you want. Try having only one potato for breakfast or lunch, and avoid protein rich vegetables like mushrooms. On day 3, have fruits and vegetables without potatoes. Day 4 is for bananas and milk only. On the fifth day, you can have the proteins of your choice and some brown rice for lunch. Sixth day of the GM diet you take proteins but cut back on tomatoes. On the last day, have brown rice and vegetables. On any day, you can have the “GM diet soup”.

Q6 Do I have to starve in GM diet?

No. GM diet does not limit portion size so eat as much as you want. At no point is starving recommended, as it is an unhealthy and non-effective way of losing weight.

Q7 Is there a GM diet for vegetarians?

The original GM diet does not take vegetarians or vegans into account. However, since the diet gained popularity, Many tweaks have been made to suit the needs of diverse demographics. Substitute the meat with paneer and curd, and it can work for vegetarians.

Q8 Can I eat chapatis instead of rice?

No. GM is gluten-free diet. Indians cannot substitute chapatis for rice. Also, it noodles and pasta should be avoided as these contain gluten. Even rice noodles are a no no, because these are made from white rice and are full of carbs and lack the fibre content found in brown rice.

Q9 What is the diet plan for GM diet?

Below is the day wise diet plan for GM diet:

  1. Fruits except bananas.
  2. Boiled potato and vegetables.
  3. Fruits and vegetables except bananas and potatoes.
  4. Milk and bananas.
  5. Lean meat/fish/paneer, tomatoes, brown rice.
  6. Lean meat/fish/paneer, vegetables except potatoes, brown rice.
  7. Brown rice, vegetables, fruit juice.

Q10 What are the side effects of GM diet?

Fatigue, exhaustion, headache, loss of muscle mass. GM diet is very low in proteins and instead relies on a mainly plant-rich diet. Scientific data shows that animal proteins are complete while plant proteins are not. This means that a diet lacking in proteins can lead to weakness.

Q11 Is GM diet healthy?

No. Doctors do not recommend it for prolonged periods. Please remember that we need a balanced diet containing all types of food to retain our overall health. Studies show that a protein-rich diet deters fat build up, and helps us stay fuller. This reduces the need for unhealthy cravings and snacking, which lead to weight gain. Also, GM diet was made for Americans, and it does not take Indian climate or food habit into account. In the long run, it is always better to follow a balanced diet and supplement it with an exercise routine.


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