Lose weight without exercise

Loose weight like a pro. Without Exercise!

Modern lifestyle seems incomplete without the gym.

We now see new exercise gyms mushrooming at every corner, while memberships of popular ones are skyrocketing!

Personal trainers are on a roll, earning a hefty sum, while they promise you the moon or whatever else it is, that you want.

Lean, mean, large and skinny, everybody is at the gym. (Or at least claim to be. Even if, it is only occasionally.)

So do you go to the gym? Are you planning to ? YES?


But what are you looking to gain from the exercise and effort?

  1. Health Benefits? Good.
  2. Detox? Good
  3. Get Smarter? Good. (Oh yes! Exercise makes you smarter!)
  4. Control Diabetes? Good.
  5. To get a healthy heart? Go for it.
  6. Makes you happy? Good. You can literally run away from depression. (Exercise will shoo away depression.)
  7. To get a 6 pack? Good.
  8. To tone your body? Awesome.
  9. WeightLoss? . . . . . . NOT Good. Nada. Not going to happen. You are barking up the wrong tree here!

Exercise is a physical activity that enhances physical fitness and makes people stronger and healthier.
It even shows character. After all, regular exercise takes commitment, patience, and dedication to achieve the ultimate goal of being healthy and energetic.

Simply put, anything that burns calories can be termed as exercise.

While regular exercise is a must for physical and mental health, it cannot help in weight loss. At least not by itself.

We often get questions like:

  1. Which are the best exercise to loose weight?
  2. Can I lose weight by walking?
  3. Will joining a gym help me lose weight?
  4. I walk for 45 minutes every day, why am I not losing weight?
  5. I workout at the gym but after losing a couple of kilos I am unable to loose more. And More . . .

The answer to all these queries is as follows:

Weight Loss happens in the Kitchen. NOT at the Gym.

Obesity is a major cause of Health Concern Today

Is obesity your  problem too? Well, take comfort in the fact that many others struggle with the same.
Today obesity is a major cause of health concern that most people are dealing with. According to IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) report, Today 2.1 billion people – nearly 30% of the world’s population – are either obese or overweight.

Like everybody else, have you tried all possible tips, diets and perhaps even exercises to get rid of it? How successful have you been? What worked for you. And what didn’t, leave your opinion in the comments section. Your observations are a big deal for us. 🙂

Anyway, We have good news for you . . . . .  And some bad news too.

The good news is that you don’t need to exercise for weight loss. And the bad news is that weight loss depends majorly on what you eat.

So, Bye bye pizzas, samosas, burgers, KFC! Bye bye restaurant food! Bye bye packaged food! Bye bye takeout food!

Is Exercise a Good Option to Reduce Weight?

100% of the energy we need, to engage in our daily routine, unsurprisingly, comes from the food we eat. Of all the food we eat, each day we can only burn 20-30% of the energy with physical exercise. So where does the remaining 70% go?

Many “experts” argue that one of the reasons we’ve collectively put on so much weight over the past 50 years is that we’re much less active than our ancestors. Is that true? Or is it something else.

A Study of a Tribe: Do they consume more calories than us? Do they exercise more than us?

Herman Pontzer, an anthropologist at Hunter College in New York studied a good number of Hadza, a hunter-gatherer tribe. The Hadza are on the move most of the times, chasing and killing animals, climbing trees in search of wild honey.

They are on the highest end of physical activity possible.

Surely, Ponzer thought, the Hadza would be burning lots more calories on average than today’s typical Westerner.

He was in for a surprise.

While the hunter-gatherers were physically active and lean, they actually burned the same amount of calories every day as the average American or European, even after the researchers controlled for body size.

Pontzer published the findings in 2012 in the journal PLoS One.

This study definitely raises a tantalising question: How could the hunting, foraging Hadza possibly burn the same amount of energy as the mostly inactive urban city dwellers?

Calories burnt every day — includes not only movement but all the energy needed to run the thousands of functions that keep us alive.

Moreover, the Hadza do not typically consume factory foods and they don’t have a habit of overeating.

The Primary cause of Obesity is Factory Food

The Herman Pontzer study lends support to the school of thought, which has been repeatedly saying that exercise has a much smaller role to play in weight loss than previously perceived.

So finally the truth is confirmed again.

Weight Loss happens in the kitchen and NOT in the Gym.

Whether we lose weight or not is dependent on the quality and amount of food we consume daily. Restaurant foods, store bought food and packaged foods are the real culprits here.

You can restrict sugar, trans-fats, synthetic salt, food colors, preservatives, taste enhancers and food colors at home.

How can you stop all these poisons from entering your body if factory food is an established part of your daily diet?

Tea time snacks anyone? Love your whole wheat biscuits? (Ya! They are the opposite of healthy. Just marketing gimmicks!)

Nobody loses weight on whole wheat biscuits or Kellogs Cornflakes. When they hired Deepika, she was already a fit, slim and successful person.

I know you are thinking –

Oh, come on! What’s left to eat then?

What’s wrong with whole wheat biscuits or whole wheat pizzas, whole wheat burgers, whole wheat bread or whole wheat noodles . . . . .

🙂 Notice the pattern? All junk food now comes attached with the “whole wheat” label. Whole wheat is the new a marketing gimmick to sell to the health conscious consumer.

With all the addictive chemicals in factory foods, you ARE supposed to eat more than you can! I mean people overeat pizza. People overeat burgers. People overeat noodles.

Ever heard of anyone who overate apples? Or may about someone who overate a salad?

The marketing guys are smart! But you know now.

So the golden rules of Weight Loss can be summed up as follows:

  1. Make all your food at home. Don’t buy anything eatable from outside.
  2. Buy your vegetables and fruits fresh and if possible seasonal and organic.
  3. Vegetables should be the star of your meals. Learn to make salads. And no salads are not boring. Tried the Italian variety?
  4. Limit grain carbs to just 30 percent of your meal. Not asking you to give it up.
  5. Cut out sugar completely. Occasionally use honey or jaggery. Very Occasionally. Remember you are aiming to lose the extra kilos.
  6. Change from synthetic salt to natural sea salt.
  7. No other beverage except water and fresh juices juiced at home.

Benefits Of Exercise

Factory food and cold drinks are heavily consumed today and are main contributors to our weight gain. It’s extremely difficult for people to lose weight once they’ve gained it by simply exercising more.

Researchers have long known this. But only the research which benefits someone or some company is drummed up via media channels.

Different Studies reveal that exercise leads to only modest weight loss, but it has a huge range of health benefits, including a significant reduction in the risk of various lifestyle diseases.

Regular exercise will help you to:

  1. Sleep better
  2. Maintain weight
  3. Gain weight by improving appetite, if you are thin.
  4. Loose weight, provided you strictly control diet.
  5. Improve your resistance to fight infections
  6. Lower your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes
  7. Help your brain work better, making you smarter.
  8. Control blood pressure
  9. And finally, it will make you attractive and probably add to your social life!

So, please exercise regularly. But don’t count those calories burned in physical activity toward extra eating.  and think of exercising just for health improvement but not for weight loss.

And finally, if you are struggling with weight, first take a long hard look at what you are eating.

Because you cannot exercise away a bad diet !!

P.S. We recommend you maintain a food diary for a week and write down every little thing you put in your mouth along with the serving size. We assure you, you will be surprised. 

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AUTHOR Anupama Singh

I am the founder of Vitsupp and have a bachelors in engineering. My family suffers from every lifestyle disease you can think of. Heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, hypothyroidism . . you name it and some one in my family has it. Trying to save myself and my family from our genetic disposition, I learnt much about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle diseases. Certificate in "Diabetes – The Essential Facts" by University of Copenhagen

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