WeightLoss Program for those who can't lose weight.

WeightLoss Program for those who can't lose weight.

How can I remove full body fat at home. Can any one suggest me a good diet and exercise? (pure vegetarian)

This article is only for those who do not lose weight easily. For those  who have tried various diets and various exercises and are losing hope.

Obesity is a very complex and most misunderstood condition.

People of different ages and different conditions need to address their obesity in a different way. Thats why you have so many diets and exercises and weight loss pills. Because there is NO one-fit-for-all solution.

However all weight loss suggestions you will get from all health professionals and nutritionists will be based on the following 3 beliefs:

Belief 1: You are eating too much that is why you can not loose weight

A lot of people look at weight like a bank account with calories as the currency. It is the general belief that if the (calorific) expenditure is more than the (calorific) intake, one can keep the weight off.

This works mostly for young people (20.. 22…25 year olds maybe), free of diseases & any emotional / physical burden.

But as you grow older this simple calculation will cease to work for you as other factors get involved.

Belief 2: You are exercising too little

This may be true to some extent as most of lead busy and sedentary lives stuck to the computer chair or TV couch. But there will be quite a few among us for whom exercise is truly impossible as they never have the energy for it or they are just not well enough to exercise.

But I truly believe that nobody is willingly lazy enough to watch their health go down the drain.

Whenever possible at least add walking of 20 minutes to your exercise regimen everyday. Stay away from the roads (with all the vehicular exhaust)

All said, you cannot exercise away a bad diet. For most people if they can find what diet works for them, the weight will just melt away, with even just moderate physical activity!

Belief 3: You are fat because you eat fat.

So the proposition is that if you do not eat any fats whatsoever and stick to very little or no vegetable oil, you should not have any weight issues. So is that working for you? Probably not.

Ok. That is a myth. Spread by the multimillion dollar food industry. Even believed by doctors. And before you start accepting nutrition advice from doctors, remember that it is not in their coursework and few have the time or inclination to learn about it.

And yes they get their nutrition knowledge exactly where everybody else does – TV Ads & newspaper!

Fats are the most abused when it comes to misinformation. There are two types of fats as elaborated below:

Eating the good fats will assist your health.

The much maligned Ghee is actually very good for you and essential for your children. It has nothing to do with heart disease  or atherosclerosis. It is a misconception spread by the “Fat Free” multi-billion dollar food industry.  Remember, their motive is profit, NOT your health.

Read more about ghee here, TIMES OF INDIA has published a great article regarding the benefits of ghee.

So here is a WeightLoss Program for those who can’t lose weight

You must be surprised with the above and must be wondering what should be a weightLoss Program for those who can’t lose weight? What is you can do to lose weight? Please find steps that may work for most:

PART 1 :  Stop putting toxins in your body. Increase the nutrition you are providing to your body

Step 1: Restrict Sugar

This is the most important step. Sugar restriction amounts to calorie restriction. So no sweets, soda’s, cola’s, no sugar in tea or coffee. Be really strict – do not accept any thing sweet, not even sugar based prasadam.

Besides restricting calories, restricting sugar will allow correction of your stomach flora. As an alternative of sugar, try dry stevia leaves.

Step 2: Restrict processed food:

Step 3:  Restrict Carbohydrates from grains

Grains are not a significant source of vitamins or minerals. They are carbohydrates. Restricting them to small serving will benefit a great deal.

If your staple is rice, cook in an open pot and drain the water. This removes the excess starch. You can limit serving or ferment them for south indian recipes which reduces the glycemic index of rice significantly.

If you are on wheat, limit your chapatis / bread.

Finally whichever grain you choose to go with, always consume with some good fats along with it to slow down the digestion and prevent blood sugar spike. Better restrict or give up grains.

Too much dependence on grains is one of the leading causes of insulin resistance in india. This can finally cause diabetes.

Step 4: Supplement a potent multivitamin

Again and again researchers in nutrition have schemed and planned, using nutritional books and food charts to create a diet with reasonable caloric load that could cover all the nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins needed by the human body and FAILED.

For this reason, I recommend every one to use a potent multivitamin. (Please don’t buy anything like Revital etc. That is just a waste of your money as you need a potent multivitamin, which it is definitely not.)

Any amount of diet planning will not cover everything that our body needs to function optimally.

PART 2: Remove toxins stored in your body.

This is the most important part in losing weight, but you will not get full benefits unless the Part 1 of this program is active.

Detoxifying will help reduce the cleaning load on your body, particularly your liver.

How can detoxifying help you lose weight


If you have stomach fat, bulging stomach or chronic indigestion, I recommend this article to correct your stomach problems.

Meanwhile, our body needs various B vitamins, anti-oxidants, and some 85+ essential minerals to run optimally. The idea then, is that everything that we put in our mouth, should in some way contribute to giving us some of those needs. Anything else we need to avoid.

Simply put, eat a smaller quantity of nutrient dense foods. In other words achieve more nutrition with the lowest possible calories.

AUTHOR Anupama Singh

I am the founder of Vitsupp and have a bachelors in engineering. My family suffers from every lifestyle disease you can think of. Heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, hypothyroidism . . you name it and some one in my family has it. Trying to save myself and my family from our genetic disposition, I learnt much about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle diseases. Certificate in "Diabetes – The Essential Facts" by University of Copenhagen

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