multigrain atta ingredients ratio in hindi

Multigrain Atta Ingredients, Benefits and how to make it at Home

Want to lose weight with Multigrain Atta? Want to go from fat to fab? Try substituting your regular roti with multigrain atta roti or chapati. People who have tried it are saying that multigrain roti is “super weight loss roti.” […]

lemongrass tea benefits and side effects

Lemongrass Tea Benefits, Recipes, and Side Effects

Love the lemon flavour? Then there’s no better herb than lemongrass. But what’s better than good old lemongrass in culinary specialities? Lemongrass tea!  If you haven’t tried it already, then this article will give you every reason to get some […]

lemongrass oil

Lemongrass Oil Uses Benefits, and How to Make it at Home

If you want to pamper yourself, nothing beats soaking in a tub or falling asleep surrounded by the sweet scent of lemongrass oil! Lemongrass oil uses and benefits are not just skin deep– and you can easily make it at […]

Chia Seeds Protein Pancake

Chia Coconut Protein Pancakes Recipe – Gluten Free

Chia seeds are considered to be one of the few functional foods that can be effective in controlling obesity, the prevention of metabolic syndrome, and subsequently, the onset of cardiovascular diseases and type II diabetes mellitus. They are easy to […]

DIY Granola Recipe

DIY – Paleo Granola Recipe

Worried about what goes in your cereals? Make your own! 10 mins prep time. 25 mins cooking time.

DIY Nut Energy Bars

Paleo Nut Energy Bars

Love energy bars? Make your own. No cheap ingredients. No fillers, colors, taste enhancers and additives! 10 mins prep time. 17 mins cooking time.

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