Our Editorial Policy

Our aim is to give our readers accurate and trustworthy information. We are committed to providing you with information on a wide range of topics related to wellness and healthy living. We want our readers to know about our editorial process, so that they are aware of how the content they read is finalized.

Our Editorial process:

There is a lot of information available on health topics, however, it is imperative that our readers get only accurate and relevant information. We adhere to some strict standards for creating and posting content:

  1. Relevant topic: We publish articles only on relevant topics.
  2. Research: We publish articles that are well researched and carefully vetted. Our articles always include references from credible sources, which the reader can visit and see for himself.
  3. References and sources: We take information that is publicly available from credible sources. We refer to peer-reviewed research papers, studies, information provided by government authorities and reputed organizations and information published by product manufacturers.
  4. Original content: Our content is 100% unique and plagiarism free. We provide only original and authentic content.
  5. Review and update: We regularly review and update our articles to accommodate latest information available on the subject.
  6. Reader feedback: We love to hear from our readers and want to know about any suggestions they have to offer.
  7. Spam : We strictly discourage spamming and unethical tactics. Our aim is to deliver authentic content and make our site a welcoming space for our readers.

Relevant Content

We want our site to have relevant and accurate information. Your articles can be on:

  • Wellness: Issues that affect you and your family’s health and wellness. This includes topics related to self-care, fitness, home remedies, and recipes.
  • Nutrition: This relates to food, diet and external supplements.
  • Health conditions and ailments: This includes diseases and health conditions that affect people.
  • Product reviews: Review of wellness products.
  • You can contribute articles on relevant topics only if you have the required credentials.

Guest Posting Opportunities: Contribution from external sources

To contribute an article the following conditions must be met:

  1. We accept content only from registered health care practitioners such as allopathic doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, Ayurvedic practitioners, homeopathic doctors and naturopaths. You should have valid credentials if you want to contribute to our site.
  2. External stakeholders are welcome. However, we only accept content that is well researched and vetted. If you submit any content, please provide references from authentic, peer-reviewed sources.
  3. Anyone looking for a guest posting opportunity needs to review at least two articles on our site. They will get backlinks from both the articles to their site’s homepage and also from our reviewers’ page.
  4. External contributors are fully responsible for the content they submit. They should ensure their articles have reliable and accurate information. Any discrepancy will result in immediate termination of relationship with the contributor in question.
  5. We will allow guest bloggers to write unlimited articles on our site with one link to their website as long as the articles meet our editorial guidelines.
  6. We strictly prohibit spam and unethical practices.

Vitsupp reserves the right to remove any article without any prior notice from the website.

Sharing of content:

No content published on this website should be quoted, shared or copied without giving proper credit or without prior permission.


We want our readers to be well-informed before making their own decisions in their wellness journey. In no way does this site claim or seek to replace professional medical advice or the one-on-one relationship between a doctor and her patient. In fact, we encourage our readers to seek professional opinion before trying out any product or remedy they read about on our site.

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