best refrigerator in india 2017 review

Best Refrigerator in India for your Dream Kitchen

In a hot and humid country like India, refrigerators are essential in every household. While there are many brands that manufacture refrigerators, some have built up their reputation over the years. However, everyone wants to but the best refrigerator in […]

best washing machine in india

Best Washing Machine In India with Price Range and Reviews

If asked what is that one appliance that every homeowner must-have, the apparent answer comes in the form of washing machines, gone are the days when people used detergent bars for washing clothes. Nowadays, when you are about to buy […]

Best Manual Vegetable & Fruit Cutters & choppers

Best Vegetable Cutter / Chopper Review & Buying Guide [2019]

Prepping vegetables for preparing food is the most basic step of cooking. It is also one of the most time-consuming parts of the cooking process. According to statistics, cutting and prepping vegetables is also the time when you are most […]

Best Water Purifier in India for Home use that you can trust

Best Water Purifier in India for Home use that you can trust

Water purifiers are a must for every household today. Every day, we see reports of impurities and harmful chemicals and germs being found in drinking water. Sometimes, heavy metals and other toxic materials leech into the water. A plain water […]

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