castor uses benefits and side effects

Castor Oil Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects [ Hair + Skin ]

Castor is one of the oldest cultivated crops & castor oil is one of the oldest folk remedies used worldwide. Many of castor oil’s benefits are due to its chemical composition. It’s main component is a type of triglyceride fatty acid which […]

Real Fat Facts - You do not Know

Real Fat Facts – You do not Know

Popular perception about fat is that it is bad for our body and health and must be avoided at any cost. However before we share real fat facts – you do not know, what you need to know it that […]

Why switch to ghee

Why switch to ghee

The following article has been published in the TIMES OF INDIA on Apr 5, 2015 When cooking, it can be unhealthy to heat polyunsaturated oils such as vegetable oils to high temperatures. Doing so creates peroxides and other free radicals. […]

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