Best Manual Vegetable & Fruit Cutters & choppers

Best Vegetable Cutter / Chopper Review & Buying Guide [2019]

Prepping vegetables for preparing food is the most basic step of cooking. It is also one of the most time-consuming parts of the cooking process.
According to statistics, cutting and prepping vegetables is also the time when you are most likely to cut or injure yourself.
So lets look at the problems with the traditional vegetable cutting methods –

  • Slow & Time Consuming
  • Injury Prone

Best Vegetable Cutters in the Price Range of less than 500 Rupees

Vegetable cutters & vegetable choppers in this price range are hand powered. That means that they must be manually operated.
Even though they are so cheaply priced, they are very efficient functionally. They are also just right for quick vegetable cutting and chopping requirements of a small family of 3 or 4.
The benefits of using such manual vegetable cutter machine are noteworthy :-

  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Time savers

Hand powered or manual vegetables cutter can be used as :-

  1. An all vegetables cutter,
  2. An onion cutter,
  3. A wet curry masala blender (onion+garlic+green chillies+ginger),
  4. Tomato mincer,
  5. A salad cutter,
  6. A salsa maker,
  7. A fruit mincer,
  8. A chunky green chutney maker &
  9. Even as a meat chopper!

Here is a comprehensive list of non-expensive vegetable choppers that are as good as having a kitchen assistant!

1. Pigeon Mini Chopper (Green) by Stovekraft.

Pigeon Handy Mini Vegetable & Fruit Cutter


  • Cutting (Small & Big pieces), &
  • Chopping (Small & Big pieces)

The Pigeon mini vegetable chopper is great for mechanical tasks like cutting vegetables to a somewhat even size. The cut size is dependent on the number of pulls made. For bigger slices of vegetables, pull less. For finely diced chopping, just pull some more. Here is the approximate number of pulls for varying sizes of chopping.

  • 5-6 pulls for coarse to medium cutting,
  • 7-12 pulls for medium to fine chopping,
  • 13-20 pulls for fine to very fine chopping, &
  • 20+ pulls for puree-like chopping

Key Features:

  1. Made from unbreakable ABS plastic,
  2. Stainless steel, 3 blade chopper,
  3. Detachable easy to clean chopper,
  4. Strong & sturdy nylon string,
  5. Hand-powered, &
  6. Covered by 30 day warranty (Manufacturing defects only).


  1. Time saver,
  2. Reduces chances of cuts & injury,
  3. Detachable parts,
  4. Quick to clean,
  5. Suitable for small quantities of vegetables or food, &
  6. Suitable for small families.


  1. Cannot puree or liquefy hard vegetables,
  2. Unsuitable for large quantities of veggies, &
  3. Unsuitable for large families.


AUTHOR Anupama Singh

I am the founder of Vitsupp and have a bachelors in engineering. My family suffers from every lifestyle disease you can think of. Heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, hypothyroidism . . you name it and some one in my family has it. Trying to save myself and my family from our genetic disposition, I learnt much about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle diseases. Certificate in "Diabetes – The Essential Facts" by University of Copenhagen

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