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Becosules Capsule, Tablet & Syrup: Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

Nothing kills our enjoyment of good food like a mouth ulcer. But after a couple of becosules capsules, you can go back to relishing your favourite food without it feeling like your mouth is burning in just a couple of days.

While becosule capsules are a common medication that is found in most households and medicine kits, these capsules are not just used to treat canker or mouth sores. They are rich in vitamins. And vitamins, are known as the building blocks of your body. 

Despite the fact that most of us know how important vitamins are for the body, some of us still suffer from a deficiency of one or more vitamins. That is where becosules capsules, tablets and syrup come in. Let us know about this easily available medicine, which almost all of us have taken at some point in life.

What is Becosules?

Becosule is a multivitamin complex. In layman terms, it is a vitamin supplement for vitamin B compounds, which is commonly prescribed for vitamin B deficiency. When the doctor detects deficiency of vitamin B compounds in your diet, he may prescribe becosules for you.

It is a vitamin supplement made of vitamin B supplements- thiamine or vitamin B1, riboflavin or vitamin B2, niacin or vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid or vitamin B5. (source)

While it is known for treating mouth ulcers, becosule is a supplement which is also prescribed for people who are recovering from diseases or other medical procedures. It is also administered for the prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiency. 

Dr. Madathupalayam Madhankumar, MBBS, surgical gastroenterologist, a medical reviewer

We asked Dr. Madathupalayam Madhankumar, MBBS, surgical gastroenterologist, a medical reviewer at iCliniq, if becosules are good for health. He said, “Becosules are multivitamin capsules containing vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, and vitamin C.

It is usually prescribed for those who lack vitamin B and C and is totally safe. However, it is advisable to take these capsules only for the specified number of days. Taking these tablets in the absence of vitamin deficiencies does not yield any results or cause any side-effects.

Becosules Composition:

As said before, becosule is a multivitamin complex. While there are many vitamin B complex supplements available, the basic composition is as follows:

  • Thiamine or vitamin B1
  • Riboflavin or vitamin B2
  • Niacin or vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folic acid
  • Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5.

Some brands of vitamin B complexes also come with added vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin H or zinc. (source)

When is Becosules Prescribed?

While most of us go for becosules when we get mouth ulcers, some of us may need to take it as nutritional supplements. Some vitamins, like vitamin B12, are not found naturally in plant-based foods, so if you are a vegetarian, you will probably need becosules on the regular. (source)

Vitamin B12 is crucial for good health since it is used for making red blood cells, releasing energy from foods and absorbing other vitamins. However, people who do not eat animal proteins have high chances of developing vitamin B12 deficiency. (source)

There is no vegetarian source for vitamin B12. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, talk to your doctor about which vitamin B12 supplement is right for you. (source)

Do becosules need prescriptions?

Becosules are available over the counter. However, it is always good to get advice from a doctor before taking any supplements. While doctors consider it safe to take becosules if you get mouth ulcers, if mouth ulcers are frequently occurring, you must get it checked.

Becosules Dosage

The dosage that is required for you largely depends on the type of ailment as well as the intensity of it. You should take becosules every day only if prescribed by your doctor or healthcare professional.

If you have been administered a daily dosage, make sure you consume it at the same time daily. Not doing so will not be life-threatening, however, it might lower the effectiveness of the medication.

If you need to take becosules, it is always best to go by what the doctor prescribes. Otherwise, refer to the tablet manual or instructions on the back of the package.

becosules tablet uses and benefits
becosules tablet uses and benefits

Becosules capsules dosage for mouth ulcers

If you are suffering from persistent mouth ulcer consult a doctor asap to establish the cause. However, if it is a simple ulcer you can take a Becoslues capsule for 7 days for a quick remedy.

Becosules usually come in two forms,. This includes capsules , soft gel, and syrup. 

Becosules capsules 

The most commonly used form of becosule is the capsule. These capsules are prescribed in various strengths, based on your requirement. For example, if you are suffering from canker sores or ulcers, you will be prescribed a dosage of 15mg, along with Vitamin C supplements. Becosules capsules are taken orally, as per the prescribed dosage.

Becoules syrups 

Another common form of becosules is the syrup. In most cases, becosules syrups contain added colors and sugars. This might not be suitable for people with diabetes or gastrointestinal infections and disorders. To be on the safer side, consult your doctor before deciding to take becosules in its syrup form. 

Dr, Deniel Boyer, MD

Dr. Daniel Boyer, doctor of Medicine at Farr Institute, gave us multiple benefits of becosules capsules such as:

  • Helps in the treatment of vitamin B-complex and vitamin C deficiency
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Treats mouth ulcers, and sore tongue
  • Maintain bones and tissue health
  • Prevent premature greying of hair
  • Good nutrient supply for people with the poor immune system

Strength of Becosules- With Ingredients Added or Subtracted

The active ingredients present in becosules come in various strengths, based on the conditions it will be addressing. For example, if the doctor prescribes becosules to treat mouth ulcers, then the strength of Vitamin C and Riboflavin will be increased accordingly. 

A common combination that is widely available is becosules with vitamin C. Other compositions include zinc and calcium pantothenate.

Becosules also come in different strengths: as Becosule Performance and Becosule for Women.

1 Becosule Performance

As the name suggests, this combination aims at boosting performance, building energy and increasing stamina and endurance. It is mostly prescribed for men – bodybuilders, athletes, and sportsmen, to be precise. Becosules Performance helps increase the physical strength of individuals. It simultaneously reduces fatigue as well. Additionally, this medication can also enhance coordination, memory, and concentration. 

Becosule Performance contains amino acids like Glutamic acid, Methionine, Lysine and Cysteine L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. It also includes extracts of ginseng, green tea, garlic powder, mixed carotenoids, lycopene and citrus bioflavonoids.

Becosules Performance also contains minerals like zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, iodine, nickel, silicon, copper, boron, manganese, molybdenum, tin, vanadium and chromium. (source)

It is imperative that you consume Becosules Performance only after consultation with reliable healthcare professional to avoid side effects. The side effects include vomiting, nausea, stomach ache, rashes, and other allergic reactions. 

2. Becosule Women

As the name suggests, Becosules Women is specifically made for women. It contains choline, calcium, copper and iron compounds, primrose oil and green tea extracts. Calcium is beneficial for women, especially those who suffer from morning stiffness due to rheumatoid arthritis.

Becosules Women is useful for treating anaemia as well. There are chances that regularly menstruating women of child-bearing age are prone to anemia. The iron compounds and the active ingredients that are present in Becosules Women can help treat anaemia. 

Additionally, Becosules Women contains anti-ageing properties as well. It also helps with the generation of new cells in the body.

Seek proper medical advice as to which one is suitable for you before starting a course. (source)

Becosules Capsule Uses & Benefits:

Vitamin B group is crucial for the human body. Deficiencies can lead to severe complications. While eating a healthy and balanced diet is enough to provide for the required amount of vitamins to the body, many people may suffer from vitamin deficiencies.

Those who have suffered from some serious diseases, or are recovering from surgery or wounds may also need multivitamin supplements for the body to heal properly and regain their strength. The doctor may prescribe vitamin B complex capsules or syrup as needed.

The benefits of vitamin B complex or becosules are:

1. Becosules benefits for Skin:

B Vitamins are beneficial for healthy skin. It can help treat various skin issues like scars and acne. Vitamin B-complex can also help with skin regeneration, facilitate elasticity of the skin, and prevent dryness. 

In fact, Vitamin B3 that is present in becosules, also known as niacin, is effective in treating skin conditions like hyper-pigmentation, acne, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, and damage caused due to excessive exposure to the sun. Additionally, Vitamin B1 and B2 are essential for keeping your skin healthy. (source) (source)

Dr. Michael Newman board certified plastic surgeon

We asked Dr. Michael K. Newman, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. He told us the benefits of becosules on the skin. “Becosules are beneficial for skin problems such as acne and skin infections and allow the body to develop immunity against these diseases.

This is because the skin’s health is maintained by a complex balance of vitamins and minerals. If the quantity of vitamin B complex in the body is out of balance, skin problems may occur.”

2. Becosules capsules for Hair:

The state of our hair is indicative of overall health, so if you are experiencing hair loss for no reason, you should check with your doctor. B-complex constitutes necessary compounds that are beneficial for healthy, strong hair. 

Thiamin (B1) and Riboflavin (B12) can facilitate hair growth. In fact, a deficiency of Vitamin B12 can cause hair loss. (source) (source) If you are losing hair, talk to your doctor to see if you need becosules included in your diet.

3. Becosules capsules for Anemia

Anemia may be linked to vitamin B deficiency because vitamin B12 is responsible for making red blood cells. So if you have vitamin B12 or vitamin C deficiency, you may suffer from anemia. B12 related deficiency is called as pernicious anemia.

Symptoms of vitamin B12- related anemia are fatigue, pale skin, breathlessness, lethargy, weight loss and noticeable heartbeat.  In such cases, a becosule formulation that contains vitamin C will be significantly beneficial. (source)

4. People Suffering From Vitamin Deficiencies

Certain lifestyle choices, a poor diet, insuffient nutrition, pregnancy, surgeries, or weakness can cause a deficiency of certain necessary vitamins in your body. Becosules is often prescribed to either treat vitamin deficiencies, or to prevent the development of vitamin deficiencies. Vitamins are crucial in the functioning of your body, and becosules contains necessary B Vitamins like riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, folic acid, and pantothenic acid. The human body requires all of these vitamins. (source)

5. Sore Tongue And Mouth Ulcers

If you have a sore tongue and develop mouth ulcers, it is the most unambiguous indication of vitamin B deficiency. (source)

Most of us buy a strip of becosules and see the ulcers disappear within a few days into the course. However, if you see mouth ulcers recur regularly, you should consult a doctor immediately.

6. Diabetes

Though different patients have different needs, overall, evidence suggests many those with diabetes need vitamin B12 and folate (source).

Biotin or vitamin H works in tandem insulin and helps the body utilize glucose. Biotin is an essential component of all vitamin B complexes and becosules- so it may be beneficial for people with diabetes. (source)

7.    Mothers And Women In General

Most doctors prescribe folic acid for women who want to get pregnant. Since vitamin B12 is essential for creating red blood cells, doctors may suggest becosules for women who wish to conceive or are pregnant. Vitamin B12 is necessary for the proper development of the baby. (source)

Studies also find that mothers who take vitamin B supplements have more vitamin B12 in their milk, which is beneficial for their babies. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor to know about the right vitamin B supplement for you. (source)

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) is important for brain function and metabolism. Cobalamin (B12) is beneficial for the generation of red blood cells in the body as well as for the regulation of metabolism. Folate (B9) is responsible for brain function and is good for the spinal cord. Pregnant women in particular should have a good amount of folate to prevent certain birth defects like spina bifida. (source)

How to store becosule capsules?

Make sure you store becosule capsules in a cool and dry place, away from direct exposure to sunlight. Also make sure that the capsules are stored in a hygienic condition, away from dusty areas.

Remove the tablets from the covering only when you have to consume it. Do not remove it from the packaging to store it in another container. Make sure you keep it away from the reach of children. 

Precautions and Warning Related to Becosule Capsule:

It is always best to check with your doctor whether you should start on a supplement. Also, with many formulations being available for becosules, you should know which one is right for you.

Side Effects of Becosules 

In general, becosule is considered a safe medicine. Till now, there has been no report of anyone developing an adverse effect on becosule. There is no evidence to show that there are adverse effects to taking vitamin B12, vitamin H or B6 supplements. (source)

However, too much niacin can lead to severe problems. While there is little chance of anyone overdosing, taking too much niacin via supplements or foods rich in vitamin B3 can lead to problems like:

  1.     Muscle cramps
  2.     Nausea and vomiting
  3.     Diarrhoea
  4.     Gout
  5.     Itching
  6.     Rapid heartbeat
  7.     Flushing and dizziness (source)

In case you feel any of the above symptoms, or notice any other problems after taking becosules, talk to your doctor immediately.

B-complex vitamins are usually water soluble in nature. Essentially, this means that it does not get stored in the body like other vitamins and minerals. Water-soluble vitamins and minerals are usually eliminated through urine, unlike fat-soluble minerals and vitamins that are stored in the body. Since B-complex vitamins are water soluble and not stored in the body, a regular supply of the same is imperative. This is one of the reasons why B Vitamins should be consumed regularly. 

Becosules Interactions:

If you have diabetes or liver problems, definitely talk to your doctor before taking any vitamin B complexes. If you are taking some medications- especially unprescribed ones- make sure you are honest with your doctor, so that there is no chance of negative interaction. (source)

If you are taking any herbal medicines, antibiotics or seizure medicines, make sure you talk to your doctor first. Additionally, do not change the dosage of any existing medicine that has been administered to you, if you begin to take becosules capsules, without consulting your doctor first.  (source)

Drugs that should not be taken with Becosules:

Certain drugs can interact with becosules negatively, causing your body to react. Drugs or medicines associated with liver or diabetes should not be taken along with becosules capsules, especially without the consultation of your healthcare professional. A few other drugs that should be avoided if you are consuming becosules are Arsenic trioxide, Allopurinol, and Aminophylline. 

Substitutes for Becosule Capsule:

There are other alternatives or substitutes for becosule capsules. These alternatives usually contain the same salts or active ingredients. Some people require a substitute as they may be prone to side effects or allergies. In such cases, an alternative medication that produces the same results, without the side effects, is taken. Since becosules is a multivitamin complex, there are many other substitutes for it that are available. However, before you opt for the alternatives, make sure you consult your doctor. 

A few substitutes for becosules capsules include – 

  1. Basiton Forte Tab (Abbott India)
  2. Nutrolin B Ped Tabs (Cipla)
  3. Becosules Syrup (Pfizer)
  4. Optisulin Cap  (Dr. Reddy)
  5. Cadbe Drops (Cachet Pharma)

In Conclusion

Becosules are a multivitamin, which means when consumed if gives your body the required nutrients. Before you decide to consume becosule capsules, make sure you talk to healthcare professionals. If you have health concerns and think that you need a multivitamin complex like becosules, then go ahead and tell your doctor this, along with the reasons as to why you require them. 

If your body shows symptoms of a vitamin deficiency, then becosules can be useful. However, sometimes, it can also be a cause of an underlying condition. Therefore, get yourself tested before proceeding with becosules capsules and seek the advice of a good doctor. 


  1. u003cstrongu003eIs becosules good for health?u003c/strongu003e

    Becosules are multi-vitamins. It is mainly used to prevent or treat the deficiency of vitamins that can be caused due to various factors like a poor diet, alcoholic addiction, or during pregnancy. Vitamins are extremely important for your body, and since becosules contain vitamins that are necessary for you, yes, it is safe to say that becosules are good for your health.

  2. u003cstrongu003eHow to take becosules capsules?u003c/strongu003e

    Becosules capsules, just like any other tablet or capsule, is taken by the mouth. This oral administration of becosules capsules can be taken with a glass of water.

  3. u003cstrongu003eAre becosules vegetarian?u003c/strongu003e

    Vitamin B12 that is found in becosules capsules, is not really found in many plant-based foods. So, if you are a vegetarian, it is recommended to consume becosules capsules to get your dose of Vitamin B12.

  4. u003cstrongu003eWhat is the use of becosules capsules?u003c/strongu003e

    One of the most common reasons why people take becosules capsules, is to treat canker sores or mouth ulcers. Mouth ulcers are extremely painful, and one of the causal factors of mouth ulcers is the deficiency of vitamins. Becosules are useful in treating this condition. In other cases, becosules capsules are used for the treatment or the prevention of vitamin deficiency. It is also used to treat hair and skin issues, anaemia, chronic diarrhoea, and a few other ailments.

  5. Can I take becosules daily?

    Becosules are multi-vitamins. They give your body the necessary vitamins that help in the overall functioning and growth. So yes, becosules can be taken daily. However, it is advised to consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before proceeding with this.

  6. Does becosules help in hair growth?

    One of the reasons for hair fall is the deficiency of certain vitamins in your body. Becosules contain vitamins that your body needs. If you are suffering from hair fall because of low vitamins in your body, then yes, becosules might help. However, the loss of hair is associated with many other underlying issues as well. So, it is best to consult a doctor and find out the cause of your hair fall. If it is due to some other reasons, then becosules capsules are not the solution to hair fall.

  7. What is becosules used for?

    Becosules are mainly used for treating and preventing the deficiency of vitamins. It is also used to treat anaemia, canker sores or mouth ulcers, and anaemia.

  8. u003cstrongu003eWhen to take becosule capsule?u003c/strongu003e

    Becosules can be taken at any time of the day as it is only a multivitamin. However, if your doctor has prescribed it daily, it is advisable to take it at the same time every day, to make sure it works efficiently.

  9. What are the Side Effects of Becosule Capsule?

    Vitamin B complex or becosules are not known to cause any side effects. However, excess niacin can lead to severe complications. It is always better to consult a doctor before you start on any supplement, becosules included. (u003ca href=u0022

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