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Best Ovulation Kit and Fertility Monitor Kit in India

Motherhood is one of the most critical decisions in our life. For every woman, this is THE most vital decision they take. Whether you want to conceive or want to avoid pregnancy, you should be aware of your ovulation status. What you need is a good ovulation kit or fertility monitor, which will help you make the right choice for yourself.

For every woman, it is vital to keep track of her ovulation and menstrual cycle. There are several brands in the market, selling ovulation kits and fertility monitors. But which are the ones you can trust? Let us find out.

What is an Ovulation Kit

Ovulation refers to an egg being released from a woman’s ovaries. If you want to check whether you are ovulating, you can use an ovulation kit. Around ovulation, hormone levels spike, and ovulation kits can measure hormone levels in the urine, and predict what stage in of the ovulation cycle you are. (4)

Ovulation kits contain test sticks and disposable droppers, with which women can take the test at home. Ovulation kits detect the LH surge or the increase in Luteinizing hormone or LH hormone, present in women bodies due to which ovulation occurs. (1)

How Do Ovulation Predictor Kits Work?

Ovulation predictor kits are like pregnancy tests, but instead of pregnancy, they measure the presence of hormones. A kit detects the increase of Luteinizing hormone or LH hormone in your body through urine, which occurs two days before your ovulation. These two days are the most fertile days of your menstrual cycle, and you have higher chances of getting pregnant at this stage. (2)

Using the ovulation kit is a straightforward task, just like a pregnancy test. But to use an ovulation kit properly for tracking ovulation, you need to know some facts which are essential for predicting ovulation.

How to Use an Ovulation Kit?

Here is how to use the ovulation kit properly:

1. Ovulation occurs only once during the menstrual cycles, so testing daily will not be beneficial for good results.

2. You first need to understand your menstrual cycle and calculate your monthly period length before starting to track your ovulation.

3. To calculate your monthly cycle length, you need to write your previous two periods’  starting and end dates and calculate the length.

4. After getting the perfect length, check the test starting day on the chart which comes with the ovulation kit.

5. Start testing from the starting day you get from the chart, and check the result. Testing too early or too late will not help you in tracking your ovulation accurately, so tracking from the right date to start is very important.

6. Every ovulation kit will have 5 to 7 testing strips or test sticks; each of them can be used only once.

To use them, collect your urine sample in a clean box. It should not be the first urine sample of the day. Now drop two or three drops of urine on the testing window through the dropper.

7.After the above step, you will see the C-band line on the strip, along with it a T-band line. If the T-band line is dark or bigger than C band line, it means the result is positive. If the line is not dark or does not appear on the strip, the result is negative.

8.If you get a positive result, then that is your peak fertility time. If you get a negative result, then keep testing for the next few days.

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Best Ovulation Kit in India

If you are looking for the best ovulation predictor kit, then you must first learn how to use ovulation predictor kit properly. More then the brand proper usage of ovulation predictor kit is important.

36  hours before ovulation is the most fertile time.

Suitable ovulation kits make calculating this time easy, but make sure that you are using good quality strips from the best brands to get an accurate prediction. Here are some best ovulation kits in India that you can count on:

1 I-Know Ovulation Kit: Best Ovulation Test Kit in India

It contains a test device and a dropper in one silica gel mono carton. Every packet has five ovulation strip pouches and is 99% accurate in its result. It is available in all medical stores and on online stores also.

Check i know ovulation kit price in India on

2 PregaPlan Ovulation Kit

It contains five ovulation test kits and 2 Get news pregnancy test kits in a package. It is produced by Nectar, made in India and approved by the FDA. It is also available in all drug shops and online stores.

Available on

3 Home check Ovulation Test Kit 

It contains 7 test sticks and one pregnancy test kit in one package and is available online.

Available on Flipkart.

4 Clearblue ovulation test kit

Clearblue Easy Ovulation Tests in the Clearblue ovulation test kit will help you to maximize your chances of conceiving naturally by identifying your 2 most fertile days each cycle. It measures the changes in the level of a key fertility hormone – luteinizing hormone (LH) to identify the most fertile days of the cycle.

Now that you have tracked your ovulation cycle successfully, you should also know what are your most fertile days. Fertility monitors do precisely that.

Fertility Monitor Kit

A fertility monitor is a digital machine which tells you about your most fertile six days of your menstrual cycle. It measures the estrone-3-glucuronide and LH hormone in your body by testing a urine sample. It uses urine-based test strips to check the increase of LH hormone in your body.

 It monitors your menstrual cycle and classifies your fertility days into three different categories. The three categories are low, high, and peak. (3)

A fertility monitor kit contains a digital device and a fertility tracker device which keeps your fertility data saved and gives alerts to the checker for tests and ovulation time. 

How to use Fertility Monitor Kit?

The main three easy steps to use fertility monitors are-

  1. Switch on the device. It shows you your cycle day reflecting on the little screen. It will tell you low, high and peak days of your fertility cycle and will notify you when to test. 
  2. Daily testing is done by wetting the stick with the first urine sample in the morning, the stick is inserted in the monitor, and monitor calculates the symptoms and gives the result.
  3. When the result gets flashed, it indicates your fertility status. The test starts from the 6th day of your menstrual cycle and continues until it does not show the peak time for fertility. Usually, it takes 15 to 16 days test at the first cycle and six days from the next period. 

Best Fertility Monitors in India

The best fertility monitors you can get in India are- 

1 Clear Blue Fertility Monitor Sticks

It is the best monitor available in India, according to a study(3). It is also ranked as the best product for family planning. It is a registered product by SPD and contains a monitor and an instruction booklet in the box.

Buy clearblue fertility monitor sticks on

2 Inito Fertility Monitor

It is a monitor which works on both regular and irregular period cycles. It needs a customized clip adaptor that works with any Android or IOS phones. 

Inito fertility monitor price in india varies on different platforms. The MRP of Initio fertility monitor is in the range of Rs ₹₹₹₹/-, however you can get a couple of hundred rupees discount on the product.

Available on

3 BLT Smart Fertility Monitor

The BLT Smart Fertility Monitor helps track your fertile period via oral temperature. Both IOS and Android users can use it, and it does not require manual charting.

Available on

4 Ovacue fertility monitor

OvaCue Fertility Monitor kit is an electronic fertility monitor kit. The kit helps you identify your fertile window and confirms the start of ovulation.

The kit contains a handheld monitor and two sensors:

  • Oral sensor
  • Vaginal sensor

The two sensors collect the data and send it to the monitor that tracks trends in your data to determine your most fertile days.

The best part of this monitor is an easy-to-read, color-coded calendar.

Key feature of Ovacue Fertility Monitor:

  • Predicts Your Fertile Days Up to 7 Days In Advance.
  • No Recurring Costs for Urine Test Sticks or Charting Subscriptions.
  • Works for Women with Irregular Cycles and PCOS Too.
  • Testing Takes Only a Few Seconds Each Day.
  • Synchs Seamlessly with OvaGraph, the Companion App to OvaCue
  • Comes with 1 Year Warranty.

Ovacue fertility monitor price in india can vary from portal to portal.

You can buy it here on


Being a mother is a great feeling. Those who want to maximize their chances of pregnancy want to know when they are at their peak fertility in their monthly cycle. Now, thanks to ovulation kits and fertility monitors, their lives have become much more comfortable.

Ovulation kits and fertility monitors have benefitted thousands of women. So if you are looking for the best one, check out our recommendations.

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