Best Dental Clinic in Chennai

The best Dental clinics in Chennai

Best Dental Clinic in Chennai

Who among us hasn’t got a toothache? Dental problems are the most common, so it is always good to know where to find good dental clinics nearby. Even if you don’t need dental treatment, it is always good to see a dentist twice a year.

Why should I go for dental check-ups?

  1. As said earlier, teeth and gum problems are prevalent. Almost every other person suffers from tooth decay, and if left untreated, it may lead to severe pain. You may even lose your teeth prematurely. (1)
  2. Remember, teeth and gums are only a part of your mouth. There may be issues and infections which are not apparent to the eye, and which may require oral and maxillofacial care. Sometimes, the soft tissues and the bones in our mouth may also get infected or become stiff, which can lead to further complications. (2)
  3. Problems like bad breath or teeth decay many also indicate deep-seated issues. In India, tobacco chewing is a public health hazard. Not only does it affect teeth and gums, but it may also lead to oral cancer. (3)
  4. Bad teeth may also lead to self-esteem issues. Many people today want to go for cosmetic dentistry or teeth whitening to get that perfect smile. The state of our teeth plays a big part in our physical appearance, and if we neglect it, it can lead to some acute social anxiety. (4)

So be sure to visit a dentist regularly, because our teeth can tell a lot about our health and lifestyle. Thanks to development in painless procedures and the availability of sedation dentistry, it has become easier for us to get the necessary procedures done to keep our mouth healthy.

If you are looking for some good dentists in Chennai, or want to know about top-rated dental clinics in Chennai, we have rounded up a few for you.

Best Dental Clinics in Chennai

  1. Malligai Dental Hospital

Be it teeth whitening to root canal treatment- Malligai Dental Hospital has an excellent track record in treating all sorts of oral problems. They operate two clinics in the city and a Dental X-Ray centre. It is a government-authorized clinic that offers a variety of services for affordable prices.  From smile enhancement to braces and gum surgery- Malligai Dental Hospital provides many services that are highly sought after.


7th Ave, Sarvamangala Colony,

Manthope Colony, Ashok Nagar,

Chennai- 600083.

Phone- 8015022207/ 8015022208


2.  Rajan Dental

Rajan Dental is a proud partner of the international MALO dental care chain. They have access to cutting edge technology and are a sought after name in oral surgery. Rajan Dental specializes in dental implants, laser dentistry, pediatric dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation. They currently hold the record for performing the maximum number of full mouth rehabilitation surgeries in India. Rajan Dental has also treated the youngest person in the world for the same.


Rajan Dental Institute,

No.56, Dr. R K Salai,

Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004.

Phone: +91 44 40105050/+91 44 28474488

Whatsapp: +91 7338965659/+91 9789001100



3. Senthil Dental Care

Senthil Dental Care or SDC is well known for quality dental implants. They combine state of the art technology for dental care, a team of well-reputed doctors and affordable prices to provide a great experience for their patients. If you want the best dental crowns and bridges, look no further. They also provide the facility for EMIs or monthly instalments for their patients, which makes them a great choice for everyone.


Senthil Dental Care,

No:3, Kushaldos street (Near Shoba Marriage Hall),

Saligramam, Chennai – 600 092.


Phone: +91 9087211122


4. Dr Prabhu Dental Studio

While specializing in smile care, Dr Prabhu Dental studio also offers a plethora of oral care services and procedures. The competent staff and the best available equipment make sure that extractions, implants and root canals remain painless. This is the reason they remain one of the top-rated dental hospitals in Chennai. The clinic is also well known for pediatric dentistry and is highly regarded in Velachery.


Dr Prabhu Dental Studio

No. 06, Vadivelan Nagar,

Velachery, Chennai – 600 042.

Landmark: Opposite to Chennai Silks


Phone: +91 97907 18279/ +91 98411 25824



Chennai residents are lucky because they get to choose from some of the best dentists in the country. So the next time it is time for your dental check-up, don’t hesitate. Rush to the clinic nearest to you and walk out with a smile.

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