All you need to know about Calcium Mineral Nutrients

Total-body calcium (Ca) is about 980 grams, which Is greater than any other element. Therefore Calcium is one of the most important component of a healthy diet and an essential mineral necessary for life.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation says, “Calcium plays an important role in building stronger, denser bones early in life and keeping bones strong and healthy later in life.” Approximately 99 percent of the body’s calcium is stored in the bones and teeth.

Physiological Function of Mineral Nutrient Calcium

The vast majority of calcium resides in bone.

Calcium is essential for bones and teeth, heart, nerves, muscles and blood clotting. Excitable and non-excitable cells require calcium (via calcium-activated potassium channels) to transmit impulses along nerves as well as participate in smooth, cardiac and skeletal muscle cell contraction or relaxation.

Calcium’s actions are as wide ranging as neuronal excitation, neurotransmitter release, innate immunity, hormonal secretion, and tone of smooth muscle cells in the vasculature, airways, uterus, gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and urinary bladder.

Calcium signaling is vital for hearing, given its role in tuning cochlear hair cells. Calcium plays a major role as a cofactor in the coagulation cascade.

In addition to its use as an adjunct treatment of osteoporosis, calcium supplementation has been used to modulate the consequences of colorectal cancer, kidney stones and hypertension’ (including preeclampsiat.

Causes of Deficiency of Mineral Nutrient Calcium

Decreased intake, malabsorption, renal failure, thyroid disorders, parathyroidectomy, hypovitaminosis D, medications such as heparin and glucagon.

Health concerns due to Calcium deficiency

Tetany, osteomalacia, arrhythmia, dry skin, brittle nails, mood changes (depression or irritability)

Assessment of Calcium Mineral Status

Hair or Urine Calcium, Bone resorption markers, Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D, PTH

Supplementation of Calcium

Children 2-12 years: 200-1200mg

Adult male: 600-1300mg

Adult female: 750-1300mg

Pregnant or lactating women: upto 2000mg

Best or most Bio-Available or Active form of Calcium Mineral Nutrient

Citrate or Gluconate Satls of Calcium

Calcium Citrate Supplement

Calcium Citrate-Malate Supplement

Calcium Gluconate

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