best refrigerator in india 2017 review

Best Refrigerator in India for your Dream Kitchen

In a hot and humid country like India, refrigerators are essential in every household. While there are many brands that manufacture refrigerators, some have built up their reputation over the years. However, everyone wants to but the best refrigerator in India. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best refrigerator brand in India with rate you can buy online.

What is a Refrigerator

A Refrigerator is an electrical appliance, which can cool an area; mainly for the food, beverage and other food items. Refrigerators are powered by the medium of electricity.

A refrigerator will bring down the temperature. Many of the refrigerators found in the market can also incorporate a freezer. To keep food fresh one requires the help of a refrigerator.

India being a tropical country, and we face a lot of issues when it comes to food items getting affected by the heat. A refrigerator or a fridge is a great option to keep food items fresh and healthy. A big percentage of Indian homes has a refrigerator today.

Qualities of a Good Refrigerator to Buy in India

There are several features which can make a refrigerator an ideal refrigerator.

Some of the features are:

  • Effective temperature control
  • Shelves need to be removed and replaced easily for the cleaning
  • The dairy compartment is again a crucial aspect of a refrigerator
  • Proving effective childproofing so that drinks and ice creams don’t spill out
  • Ideally, every refrigerator should have a separate temperature control panel
  • Lighting is another very important aspect of refrigerator.

Types of Refrigerators

There are several types of refrigerator found in India. These are-

  • Single door refrigerators (these have single or one door in the front, which retains the cold ambience within, sealed).
  • Double door refrigerators (These are known to be bigger as compared to single door refrigerators).
  • Triple door refrigerators (these are known to have triple doors, one for the refrigerator, one for the veggies, and another for the freezer compartment).
  • Side-By-Side Door Refrigerators (These look like cupboards and have 2 doors which open side by side and have large capabilities and also feature water and ice dispenser).
  • Bottom mounted refrigerator (This kind of refrigerator is known to have a reverse design as compared to normal refrigerators).

With the continuous rising in the needs and personalised freezing obligations, the double door refrigerators are getting very popular among the public. Reputed and well-known brands, which sells double door refrigerators offline and online are LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Bosch, Godrej, among others. Most liked feature of the double door refrigerators are that they have Digital Inverter Compression, Frost Free, toughened and strong glass shelves, and last up to 10 years warranty. They are priced between Rs15000 to Rs1.5Lakh.

Top 10 Refrigerator Brands in India

Some of the most sought after, top refrigerator brands in India are:

  1. Bosch
  2. Samsung
  3. LG
  4. Whirlpool
  5. Godrej
  7. Haier
  8. Siemens
  9. Electrolux
  10. Panasonic.

Some of the most popular models are:

Bosch 618L Frost-Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator, Haier hrf 618SS FROST-FREE 565L Side by Side Refrigerator, Samsung 415L 4 Star Frost-Free double door fridge, LG 420 L 4Star Frost-Free double door refrigerator, Whirlpool 300 L 4 Star Frost-free multi-door refrigerator, LG 260 L 4 star frost free double door refrigerator.

Refrigerator ratings

As per the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, there are various Star Ratings for the total of energy, saved by particular appliances. A refrigerator having a 4star rating will help to save up to 55 % of the electricity consumption. More stars will devote more savings that are the way it is always advised to select a refrigerator having at least 3 stars to save more energy. At present, there are around 230 refrigerator models having 4-star ratings. A refrigerator having 4star ratings will help to save up to around 55 % of the consumption of electricity.

Latest Refrigerator Technology

There are some latest tech discoveries and innovations, in the field of refrigerator technology. The primary technology at present is the Convertible Refrigerator for optimised refrigeration, will allow the user to convert the freezer into a fridge; or to shut off the fridge or freezer part altogether. Few Samsung models, for example, RT61K7 and RT65K7 are best offering the technology. Taking inspiration from Samsung, LG has come up with Dual Fridge technology.

With the help of Dual Fridge, users can convert any freezer into normal refrigerator. LG’s Converter Technology is one of the fastest, with the conversion time, less than 70minutes. Ice Beam Door Dual Fan And 360 Degree Airflow For All-Around Cooling is features of the new age modern refrigerators.

Whirlpool also offers 3D Airflow technology which brings cooling uniform, through strategically placed pair of vents (flexible); also allow the users to set the direction of cool air. Majority of the new Godrej, Samsung and Hitachi refrigerators have the Dual Fan technology which allows independent cooling of refrigerator and freezer compartments.

The norm today is frost-free refrigerators. Different from direct cool refrigerators, the frost-free double door fridges do not accumulate or collect frost. One doesn’t need to de-frost them. A person should consider that these fridges are very convenient for using, and are low in the maintenance department. Samsung, Haier and Whirlpool offer these kinds of refrigerators at affordable prices.

During power cuts

One needs to switch off the refrigerator when there is a power shortage or cut. The reason is that when electricity comes back, the device may damage in the process. Most of the people leave refrigerator as it is where there are power cuts. Keeping the device in a switch on the mode will add to more electricity consumption.

Food items you should never refrigerate 

After you buy a fridge, you must know that how well your refrigerator works depends on what you store in it. You may lose your cool over some foods going bad or drying up in your refrigerator, and thereby think that the refrigerator needs changing.

However, in many cases, this is because we store certain items in refrigerators which should not go there. So, before changing your fridge, make sure you are not storing the following in it.

Keeping bread inside the refrigerator makes the bread dry faster. Herbs wilt very fast in the refrigerator. Refrigeration massively affects the natural flavour of potatoes. Fruits like apples, avocado, bananas, berries, citrus fruits, peaches, apricots should never-ever be stored in the refrigerator. The moisture there in refrigerators will soften the onions. Tomatoes start losing their flavour and become mushy inside refrigerators.

Your all-time favourite cereals will stay happy and fine outside the refrigerator. Oils are pretty much safe in the room temperature. Coffee will fare the best in airtight containers. Your pickles will be happy outside the refrigerator.

Melons will generally do the best outside the refrigerator. Peanut butter don’t need any kind of refrigeration. Your luscious honey will harden if stored in the refrigerator. Fresh and natural berries have a fixed shelf life, so one should leave them out of the refrigerator and have the within a day of purchasing. As they contain a high amount of preservatives, jams and jellies will do good outside the refrigerator.

Putting them into the refrigerator will reduce the natural flavour of garlic and also affect the lifespan as well. Ground spices will need no refrigeration at all. Nuts and dry fruits will do well outside the fridge, so don’t need to refrigerate them.

This may have not caught your attention- but the tuna may have been sealed, exactly like a can, so it will be finer in the room temperature. Whether green, red, yellow and even chilli peppers, they will be fine without any refrigeration. One just needs to store them in cool space. These were the food items one should not keep in the refrigerator.

Best Fridge Brand in India

Let us look at some of the top-rated refrigerator brands in India. Depending on your needs and the size of your family, you can find the model best suited for you.

1 Bosch Refrigerator

Bosch is a great name in the refrigeration industry, which always offers the bests to the customers. Bosch 618L Frost side by side refrigerators is the flagship product of Bosch.

Keeping in mind the need and requirement of Indians, refrigerators are designed perfectly and meet all possible needs, an Indian household may have. Within a short span of time, Bosch has already made a place in the heart of the Indians.

Bosch is a top German Multinational Engineering and Electronic Company. Bosch, the Best Refrigerator Brand has 18manufacturing sites and 7application and development centres in India. The fact is, Bosch has the largest development centre situated outside Germany for end-to-end engineering and technology way outs in India.

By popular customer choices, Bosch is the most popular or sought after refrigerator brand in India. Having a large customer base, the brand has made a niche space for itself. The after service of the brand is also quite well-known throughout the nation.

2 LG Refrigerator

Having enough of room, smart characteristics and also premium design, LG refrigerators are very much packed with the newest innovations, come in a great range of styles and designs:

  • French Door Refrigerator (range of elegant refrigerators will offer the latest advances in terms of food freshness, coalesced with an impressive capacity of storage).
  • Side-By-Side Refrigerators (One of the most sought after styles, the refrigerators characterise LG’s newest cooling, freshness tech, easy storage all throughout and styling, which will enhance and beautify each and every kitchen, plus, one can also see the entire food inventory).
  • Top Freezer Refrigerators (Having advanced freshness characteristics), Bottom Freezer (Having this style, the refrigerator is eye levelled).
  • Door in Door (Provides instant access to one’s favourite food materials and also reduces the loss of cold air up to 41%).

LG’s line-up of 5 Star fridges is expansive and makes sure the maximum energy efficiency. The 107LG 5STAR Refrigerators are most sought after in the nation. An individual can choose from a wide variety of 5 star LG fridges in the market.

LG Refrigerator Single Door

The most popular LG fridge variants are the single door fridges. Single door fridges have advanced technology and also elegant designs. LG single door fridges are there in the market incorporating smart technology inverter, which will save additional power and lastly the user’s monthly electricity bills. In terms of the star rating, LG fridges come with 3 star or also 5-star ratings for the energy efficiency. Built-in stabiliser, reciprocator compressors will add to the efficiency of a single door fridge.

LG refrigerator 190 ltrs- perfect for small families

LG Refrigerator 190Ltr offers direct cooling, single door, economical, needs manual defrosting. The capacity is 190Ltr. The refrigerator is perfect for any family having 2 to 3 members. Comes with a 5Star ratings.

3 Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung Double door refrigerators contain normal cooling sections and also freezer section. Freezing sections are kept for storing food materials over a great period of time, while the general cooling is used to store general and regular use foods or edibles. There are several online portals, which are best to compare the prices of double door refrigerators, and to buy the best product at the best price.

Names of some of the Samsung refrigerator models are- Samsung 192L 4Star rr20n172yu8, Samsung 192L 1 star rr19j20c3se, Samsung 192L 3star rr20n1y2zs8, Samsung 645L 4star inverter r747m623esl, Samsung 324L 3 star inverter rt34m5438u8 hl, Samsung 192L 3star rr19020c3rh.

SamsungRR19J21C3VJ92L single door refrigerator, SamsungRSA1SH MG1 or TL545L side by side door refrigerator, SamsungRR22K287ZS8NL212L, SamsungRT39K50681J394L, SamsungRT37K3753S8345L, etc. are some of the latest offerings from the house of Samsung.

Samsung Refrigerator 5 in 1

 Samsung Refrigerator 5 in 1 has several benefits. 185Ltr of extra fridge space- With just pushing a button, the freezer will turn into a fridge at the convenience of the user. Space won’t be an issue. Up to 75 % of energy-saving- Using digital inverter tech, the user gets up to 75 % energy savings. The user just needs to use the Home Alone mode.

Smart sensors- It will track the internal and the external temperature, the usage pattern and the humidity level, to enable the digital inverter compressor for optimizing the settings for prolonged cooling. 31% faster cooling- Even in the hot summers, the power cool feature will make sure the refrigeration cools faster, up to 31 %.

Moist fresh zone- This feature allows you to store the veggies and fruits at the humidity (optimal) level by leaving the moisture cyclically. It also makes ice 31% faster ice making- You will never run out of ice cubes. You just need to push a button. The power fresh will make sure that the user has ice cubes every time.

4 Haier Refrigerators

 Haier definitely deserves some noise! According to a market research firm, by the name Euro-monitor, Haier is a global giant in the white goods segment, having a market share in two digits. The brand has manifested an unbelievable turnaround in last three decades. Now, Haier adds more than 50 customers in its client base every minute. When it comes to refrigerators, Haier definitely deserves mention. The brand has already spread its roots and when comes to appliances, Haier is known to sell a massive amount of refrigerators every month. The products are of great quality.

5 Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool is a well-known American company which provides all kinds of refrigerators. Refrigerators from Whirlpool provide good versatility, delightful innovative approaches and lastly, premium feel. Carrying more than 50years of experience, Whirlpool is definitely one of the few consumer durable organizations which have survived the adversity of the Great Economic Depression in 1930.

Whirlpool has set up several manufacturing units in places like Pune, Pondicherry and Faridabad. In India, after LG and Samsung, Whirlpool is the third most-liked refrigerator brand in the nation. In India, Whirlpool acquires a market percentage of 17 %. The numbers are enough to explain the reach of the brand in India. Whirlpool refrigerators are known to possess’ great quality and durability.

6 Godrej double door Refrigerators


The Cool Shower patented tech of Godrej Double Door refrigerators will offer a 360 Degree cooling for all the food items. The double door Godrej Refrigerator 240L has 2 shelves made of toughened glass, air vent to make sure round the way cooling. The compressor reciprocator employed in Godrej double door fridges makes sure the uniform temperature any-time while saving on power usage. The 2star and 3star ratings which are tagged to double door fridges is enough sufficient to save the energy. Food will always stay safe inside Godrej double door fridge as something called; Anti B technology protects the food.

Bottom freezer refrigerator India

If anyone constantly cribs about bending again and again to get the fruits and the veggies from the refrigerator, then bottomed refrigerators. Bottomed refrigerators are ruling the market scene. Haier 320L Star Frost-Free Refrigerator, Bosch 505L Star Frost Free Refrigerator, Panasonic 296L 2Star Frost Refrigerator is some of the names.

In conclusion:

The primary step to take, prior to selecting a fridge will be to figure out, the needed size to fit in the kitchen. Nowadays, most of the people are into buying the French door fridges. It is because French door fridges look sleeker and also have wide shelve arrangements and drawers, to keep the fruits and also the veggies at the eye level.

An individual may prefer any Side to Side model if the person wants a bigger refrigerator; classic top refrigerator if the person is on a budget or a counter-depth refrigerator for saving space and to give the kitchen an airier look and feel. The refrigerator is major and complicated household purchase, so it is advised to do hands-on research about individual preferences before buying Refrigerator.

One should visit several showrooms for checking the features and feel of various refrigerator models. When you buy or purchase a refrigerator, it is advised to get an extended warranty, through a retailer.


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