Different body types for weight loss

Different Body Types for Weight Loss

If you have difficulty losing weight, you probably need to learn more about different body types for weight loss. You should first know about your body type because options for how to lose weight for different body types are different.
The thing is, everyone has a different body type, and one should customize a diet and workout plan to crush the weight loss or fitness goals. Understand that your body type plays a vital role in how your body responds to specific training and diet.

If you have tried and failed several methods to lose, now you have come to the right place. Our blog will address all your queries that would come to your mind.

Let us first dive into the subject matter and understand how many different body types are there.

How to know your body type for weight loss: female and male

There are three body types in both males and females. Let us explain each one by one.

Endomorph: A person with this body has a more extroverted, relaxed, and comfortable personality. One can notice a predominant soft roundness in several parts of the body. Endomorphic bodies have more massive digestive viscera that dominate the body economy. These bodies have a slow metabolism, but they gain more muscle due to fat and strength. People with endomorph body types have a broader and stocky body as the fat gets stored in the lower part.

Mesomorph: If someone has this body type, such a person will have a hard, heavy, and rectangular outline. His or her body would have the predominance of connective tissues, muscles, and bone. People with mesomorph body types are aggressive, assertive, more active, and have dynamic personalities. They are likely to have an athletic body with skeletal muscles.

Ectomorph: If a person has this body type, then there will be a predominance of fragility and linearity. These people have a delicate frame and have the most incredible skin surface area compared to the body mass, causing sensory exposure. This body type makes a person sensitive, thoughtful, more introverted, and inhibited. Marathon runners have this body type as it generates fast metabolism. It would be hard to gain muscle and fat in this body type.

Different body types for weight loss

what is my body type and how to lose weight

However, you will come across more body shapes than mentioned above. Let us give a brief definition of each of them.

1. Pear

In pear body shape, a person’s shoulders and bust are narrower than the hips. You have slim arms and a relatively defined waist that is likely to slope out to your hips.

2. Spoon

Spoon body shape is similar to pear or triangle body shape. Hips are larger than your bust or your body and may have a shelf-like look. A person is likely to have a defined waist and carry some weight in the upper arms and thighs.

3. Hourglass

The hourglass shape is the sought-after body shape among women. A woman with an hourglass body shape has hips and bust that are almost equal in size and a well-defined waist narrower than both. Legs and upper body are probably proportionate, and shoulders may be slightly rounded with rounded buttocks.

4. Apple or inverted triangle

Apple or inverted triangle body shape has shoulders and a bust larger than narrow hips.

There are many more body shapes such as round or oval, diamond, athletic, bottom hourglass, top hourglass, banana, etc.

Find your body type to lose weight: sample diet menu

different body types for women weight loss

In almost every body type, the recommended diet consists of whole protein, nutrient-dense carbohydrates, and healthy fats. It only differs from macronutrient ratios, but some foodstuffs are better suited for specific body types.

The day one sample menu for the ectomorph

As per ACE, ectomorphic bodies should consume a 60-25-25 split of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. You have to add moderate protein, lower fat, and higher carbohydrate into your diet compared with the other.

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit and nuts
  • Snack: protein shake
  • Lunch: salad with various chopped veggies or chicken and vinaigrette
  • Snack: apple and almonds
  • Dinner: broccoli over quinoa and grilled shrimp

The day one sample menu for mesomorphs

According to ACE, a mesomorph body should aim to divide the calorie intake evenly between macronutrients.

  • Breakfast: toast with scrambled eggs
  • Snack: protein bar and fruit
  • Lunch: salad with a mixture of chopped veggies, chickpeas, and your preferred dressing
  • Snack: hummus and veggies
  • Dinner: sweet potato, chicken breast, and roasted veggies

The day one sample menu: weight loss plan for endomorph body type

Based on the recommendation by ACE, endomorphs should stick to a 30-35-35 split of calories between carbohydrates, protein, and fat. This helps to shed body fat. One has to consume grains with lunch or dinner based on the workout.

  • Breakfast: eggs and spinach
  • Snack: protein bar
  • Lunch: roasted turkey with lettuce wraps
  • Snack: veggies and hummus
  • Dinner: chicken along with zucchini noodles and quinoa

Different body types for weight loss: workout plan

kapha body type diet to lose weight

Along with food choice, it is also advisable to choose an ideal body type diet that helps you select a perfect workout plan.

Ectomorph: you will like running and endurance sports more than anything else. Resistance training might also attract your attention, such as body weight and weight lifting. You can quickly build lean and toned muscles, lowering injury risks. The effectiveness of high-intensity interval training or HIIT will be higher since it helps you to train your aerobic, cardio, and anaerobic systems. Doing this training will enable you to gain muscle strength.

Mesomorph: it is easy for you to build muscle with the help of sports like hockey or soccer that require you to use strength. However, you can easily reach a level defined as fitness plateaus. You can still avoid this issue by many methods, including varying workout sessions, changes in workout intensity (such as kickboxing, sprinting, or HIIT training), and changing your routine.

Endomorph: you should add HIIT workout sessions to your daily routine to help you improve your endurance and stamina. This way, you will get rid of extra fat that will be burnt down even after the workout session.

Body type and weight loss can backfire

know your body type to lose weight
  • Can slower metabolism

If you opt for rapid weight loss, it usually causes extreme calorie deprivation. A study on “The Biggest Loser” contestants found that the more pounds these contestants lost, the slower their metabolisms were. This led to many participants gaining more weight than at the start of the show.

  • It can make you ravenous

Your levels of leptin can become unsteady if you go for a low-cal diet. Leptin controls your hunger and satiety. Normal leptin levels send signals to your brain when the body has required fat. However, this study has found that if you have a very low-calorie diet, then unbalanced leptin levels can cause an obsession with food. You will end up becoming more hungry.

This research proved the quality is more significant than calories consumed for weight loss, influencing your eating. This study has identified starches or refined carbs that lead to weight gain. So, it would help if you did not change your diet to lose weight but ensure nourishment. You need to plan your diet based on different body types for weight loss.

Why inquire about what is my body type for weight loss: 9 health risks that come from excess weight

what is my ideal weight for body type
  • Risk of heart disease

Heart disease consists of several problems related to one’s heart. If someone has heart disease, it can include a heart attack, sudden cardiac death, heart failure, angina, or abnormal heart rhythm.

Now, here’s a fact. If one loses 5 to 10 percent of weight, it may lower the risk of heart disease. Weight loss can improve blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood flow.

  • Chances of type 2 diabetes

This health condition occurs when a person’s blood sugar is too high. In fact, 8 out of 10 people who have type 2 diabetes are overweight or have obesity. Not to mention, high blood glucose or blood sugar can cause eye problems, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage, and various health problems.

You must lose 5 to 7 percent of your body weight, and regular physical activity may prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

  • Risk of high blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure makes blood flow through your blood vessels faster than normal. High blood pressure can strain your heart, raise the risk of heart attack, damage blood vessels, kidney disease, stroke, and death. Being overweight or obese can shoot up the risk of high blood pressure.

  • Pregnancy problems: no weight loss risk

Overweight and obesity can trigger health problems that may take place during pregnancy. Overweight or obese pregnant women may have a higher chance of:

  • Fatty liver diseases

In this disease, fat builds up in your liver. Fatty liver diseases have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. These fatty liver diseases can lead to cirrhosis, liver damage, or liver failure.

  • Osteoarthritis

It is a common and long-lasting health problem that causes swelling, pain, and decreased motion in your joints. Being overweight or obese may increase the risk of osteoarthritis by putting extra pressure on your cartilage or joints.

  • Gallbladder diseases

Overweight and obesity are responsible for the risk of gallbladder diseases like gallstones and cholecystitis. Imbalances in substances make up bile. If bile has too much cholesterol, it may form gallstones.

  • Kidney disease: weight loss risk

Obesity increases the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. These diseases are the most common causes of kidney disease, which means your kidneys can’t filter blood as they should. Even if someone doesn’t have diabetes or high blood pressure, obesity still may cause kidney disease and speed it up.

  • Cancer

Cancer is usually a dangerous disease. In all kinds of cancer, some of our body’s cells start to divide without pausing and infect surrounding tissues. Being overweight and obese increases the risk of specific kinds of cancer.


As you can see, understanding different body types for weight loss is something quite crucial for those who want to crush their fitness goals. It would be best if you take an expert’s advice before following a diet. Please do not make a hasty decision, as we have pointed out the risks involved in it.


Which is the best body shape among all different body types for weight loss?

The ideal body shape can differ for men and women. Ideally, the best male body shape is an inverted pyramid shape with broad shoulders and a small waist. The ideal body shape is an hourglass figure with a small ratio around the waist to hip for females.
The body shape may also transform if someone loses or gains weight, but the changes would be significantly less. The reason is overall bone structure always remains the same.

Are there any other methods on how to lose weight for different body types?

According to a Japanese study, if you add one or two tablespoons of ACV or apple cider vinegar to your diet, it can help you with weight loss. ACV can also reduce your body fat, make you lose belly fat, and decrease your blood triglycerides.
A six-week study conducted on mice also showed impressive results. Mice were fed a high-fat, high-calorie diet; then, they were given high-dose vinegar. The group gained 10% less fat than the low-dose vinegar group.
Read our highly researched blog on how to use ACV for weight loss.

Is there a way to lose weight by having protein intake?

Different body types for weight loss have a specific protein intake. Many dieticians or any guidelines issued by health authorities will recommend a protein-rich diet for your health and losing weight. Ideally, doctors estimate that one should consume 0.8 gm protein for every kg of body weight daily.
Let us provide you with a list of high-protein foods that will help you lose weight by eating.
1. Fish
2. Lean mean
3. Eggs
4. Milk and products
5. Green peas, beans, and kidney beans
6. Pulses and lentils
7. Nuts
8. Quinoa
9. Soybean and soy milk
Please read our blog on losing weight with high protein foods; you can get a vegetarian diet and non-vegetarian.

Is there any weight loss plan for endomorph body type?

People with endomorph body types should try to get complex carbohydrates like starchy vegetables: potatoes, tubers, whole grains, legumes, and fruits. It is best to limit intake of simple carbohydrates for endomorphic bodies as these foods contain high sugar and calories, causing fat storage.
Cardio training also dramatically helps the endomorph to burn calories and create a significant calorie deficit. An endomorph body type should incorporate thirty to sixty minutes of steady-state cardio for 2 to 3 days a week.

Is there a body type that gains weight easily, and does training help this body type lose weight?

Among all body types, a person with a mesomorph body type can gain muscle or weight quickly. Not to mention, these body types can also lose weight quickly as they are easy to gain fat.
Usually, people with this body type get effective results during weight training. It is much easier for these people to build muscle. However, a diet plays a crucial role. One should go for a diet focused on vegetables, fruits, beans, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. If one is non-vegetarian, then go for skinless chicken, fish, and eggs.

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