14 diseases caused by VITAMIN D deificiency

14 Diseases caused by Vitamin D Deficiency

Fact 1: Did you know that approximately One Billion people are Vitamin D deficient worldwide?
Fact 2: Did you know that a study in the U.S. has shown that more than 50% of children under the age of 12 are insufficient or deficient in Vitamin D?
Vitamin D Deficiency is very common today and more then 10 million cases every year are reported in India alone. Needless to say Vitamin D Deficiency Diseases are on the rise globally and in India.
As our work now confines us indoors for the better part of the daylight, we miss out on the one thing that was available in abundance to our grandparents.
Of course, I am talking about SUNSHINE!
Most working adults are now night owls. Work all day and play by night is the mantra of most. Even the kids are cooped up in air conditioned classrooms with little or no playtime in the day. For most children playtime starts after school, after homework and after the sun has set for the day.
So, given this reality is it any surprise at all, that we have a worldwide pandemic of vitamin D deficiency?
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My story with Vitamin D

A couple of years ago I was eating right (I thought so at the time), avoiding sugar, making my own food, doing yoga and the works.
Yet I was forever fatigued.
I got up tired.
I mean really, I got up in the morning from my bed and I was still tired. Getting up at even 9.00 AM was hard. Two hours of my afternoon went into another round of sleep. But even that was not helpful. I was always tired, grumpy and forever ready to cry.
Finally on the insistence of my husband I got some tests done. Guess what came up?
Vitamin B12 levels of 272, Vitamin D was 17 and ferritin was low too.
So I started of with supplementation of all three. (Yes Vitamin B12 at 272 is low irrespective of what your doctor says.) A month later I was doing better but not great, turns out vitamin D was still relatively unchanged from 17 to 21.
Finally after aggressive vitamin D supplementation and afternoon sunning, two months later my Vitamin D surged to 56. Needless to say my energy levels, mood and brain function soared too!

The 10 most common diseases that are linked to Vitamin D deficiency

  1. Cold & Flu
  2. Dental Cavities
  3. Respiratory infections, such as bronchitis and pneumonia etc
  4. Influenza
  5. Asthma (particularly in children)
  6. Mental health Issues such as Depression & Schizophrenia
  7. Type 2 Diabetes
  8. High blood Pressure
  9. Cognitive Impairment or Dementia in the elderly
  10. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  11. Heart Disease
  12. Cancer
  13. Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD)
  14. Osteopenia & Osteoporosis

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With sunshine and supplementation I managed to free myself of daily fatigue and improved my productivity and outlook. The immediate benefits from Vitamin D that I perceived are as follows:

  1. It helped me with weight problems.
  2. It helped overcome fatigue and improved my energy levels.
  3. I was happy again, my depression and negative outlook was gone.
  4. It helps with cold and flu. I didn’t suffer from repeated bouts but my son does and Vitamin D and Vitamin C help him the most.
  5. Finally I felt the lifting of my brain fog and depression to find sharper brain function and memory.

Here is an image from GrassRootsHealth that shows the link between adequate Vitamin D levels and various diseases.
Vitamin D disease prevention chart
So have you tested yourself for Vitamin D levels? Have you tried supplementation or sunshine? What were your results and what did you do? Leave a comment so other readers may also know what worked for you!


AUTHOR Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh is a graduate of Mumbai University. She has spent most of her life playing sports and cuddling cats and has annoyed parents & professors alike. Now a Vitsupp health writer, she enjoys writing about all things health.

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