Questions to be asked before putting your child into an inclusive setup

Questions to be asked before putting your child into an Inclusive Setup

Research states that programs that include children with Autism or disabilities in the regular classroom improve student performance more than pull-out programs.

Co-teaching also has great importance to provide right mix of guidance to the students. It results in reduction of teacher-student ratio though. While the regular class teacher educates the children, the special education teacher can specifically instruct children with different needs to understand the concept in better way. Contacting parent on need basis even before the start of school helps greatly to understand the mental state and capability of children.

Resource room programs are not benefitting anymore to anyone as it creates inferiority among students with special needs. Moreover segregation restricts understanding of each other.

We believe that every individual is born with special ability to make a change. Special children should be given equal opportunity to prove they are differently abled without any realization of the barriers.

Taking these points into consideration many private and government organisations have come up with strategic plan to arrest these issues. There are schools and organisations, that are dedicated towards imparting the inclusive education for special children. There is also provision for those, who are marginalized by poverty and other sever factors. Inclusive education incorporates fundamental change to support and address the individual needs of each child.

Since every problem isn’t the same, every solution cannot be the same either. So the Education plan varies in accordance with each individual’s limitation and strength after careful assessment. It includes identification, training and rehabilitation programs. Couple of schools also employ teachers, who themselves are parent of differently abled children, so the care and being considerate comes automatically.

Questions to be asked before putting your child into inclusive setup

  1. What is the method of teaching?
  2. Will there be any separate resource class in between regular classes for special kids?
  3. Will the co-teaching process be part of the inclusive education?
  4. When and how the special teacher will get aligned/interact with your child.
  5. Legal provision for progress calculator on a quarterly basis.
  6. The number of children with special needs should not be more than 1/3rd of total strength.
  7. Difficult subjects should be pre-taught to special kids and concept should be re-taught with which they are struggling.
  8. There can be specific teaching method for your kid. Ask them how and when that will be executed.
  9. To ensure the proper implementation of the inclusive education, one need to make sure all the kids are comfortable and have a feeling of being an integral part of the community.
  10. There needs to be a specific pattern that could be drawn to make sure, special needs children are progressing with the adequate rate, and not falling behind their peers.
  11. Student teacher ratio should not be more than 15:1
  12. There should not be any cap on the admission of a number of students with special needs.
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