Side Effects of the Pill for Emergency Contraception

i Pill is an emergency contraceptive tablet. It can help you prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. However, if you must take it, be conscious of the common side effects of the pill for emergency contraception as it will impact your hormonal health if abused.

It is a one time emergency solution only.  It is also called the “morning after pill”.
But you don’t have to wait until the morning – after sex to take it.

In fact, i Pill is more effective the sooner you take it.

It is a one-dose regimen: you take one pill and ONLY 1 PILL.

The single pill contains 1.5 milligrams of levonorgestrel.

It is the same as that used in lower doses in many regular or daily birth control pills.

Learn about the effectiveness, dosages, price of i pills. Also learn about cheaper alternatives to the i Pill : Everything about the I Pill.

Side Effects of the Pill for Emergency Contraception

Common Side Effects of the Pill for Emergency Contraception include: Nausea, Headaches, Spotting or breakthrough bleeding, Breast tenderness, Weight gain, Missed periods, Mood Changes, Vaginal discharge, Decreased libido, Painful mensuration, Fatigue, Flu syndrome, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Dizziness, Eye problems such as blurred vision or loss of vision.

Common i pill tablet side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Spotting or breakthrough bleeding
  • Breast tenderness
  • Weight gain
  • Missed periods
  • Mood Changes
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Decreased libido
  • Painful mensuration
  • Fatigue
  • Flu syndrome
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dizziness
  • Eye problems such as blurred vision or loss of vision

Lets look at each of these side effects of emergency contraceptive pills in detail below.

1. Nausea

Some women may experience mild to moderate nausea on taking the i pill, but symptoms usually subside after a short period of time. To lower chances of nausea take the pill with food. Anyone experiencing persistent or severe nausea should consult their physician.

2. Headaches

Some women are more sensitive to the fluctuations of hormones in the menstrual cycle.Research has suggested that some women are prone to migranes, due to the drop in oestrogen levels that naturally occurs just before the periods start & also during the falling oestrogen levels in the later phase of the menstrual cycle.

However headaches are a common side effect of taking oral contraceptives and in such a case it usually improves over time.

Headaches can also be affected by the dose and type of hormone in the pill. Some women find that their headaches and migraines improve on the pill; while others notice that their headaches and migraine get worse.

Studies have suggested that headaches are less likely to occur with the lowest dose pills.

If you suffer from headaches related to hormonal contraception, you must try changing the brand and experiment with different pill compositions. Find a pill that suits you.

3. Spotting or breakthrough bleeding

Some women may experience spotting after taking the i Pill. The majority of women will have their next menstrual period at the expected time or early.

4. Breast tenderness

The sudden change of hormones in the body from the pill may cause breast tenderness. The breasts may be tender the same day the pill is taken, and the tenderness may last for weeks. Consult your physician for acetaminophen pills. Meanwhile wearing a sports bra may help relieve the breast tenderness temporarily.

5. Weight gain

6. Missed periods

7. Mood Changes

8. Vaginal discharge

9. Decreased libido

10. Painful mensuration

11. Fatigue

12. Flu syndrome

13. Vomiting

14. Diarrhoea

15. Dizziness

16. Eye problems such as blurred vision or loss of vision

How Does the i Pill Work?

Depending upon where you are in your cycle, i Pill may work in one of these ways:

  • It may prevent or delay ovulation.
  • It may interfere with fertilization of the egg.
  • However, it is also possible that this type of emergency birth control prevents implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus by altering its lining.

Remember that the i Pill is not an abortion pill. It does not cause any miscarriage or abortion. This means that the i Pill does not stop development of the fetus if the fertilized egg is already implanted in the uterus.

How the i pill works
How the i pill works

WARNING ! : The i Pill does NOT work if you are already pregnant when you take it.

How to Take the i Pill

The i Pill or Unwanted – 72 can be purchased over the counter at medical stores without a prescription. Because it is most effective when taken as soon as possible (up to 72 hours 0r within 3 days after sex), consider having a ready list of 24 hour pharmacies or medical stores for unplanned emergencies.
Better yet, always be ready with more safe & reliable form of birth control. And keep condoms in your cabinet.

Reasons to take the morning-after-pill:

  • Did not use any birth control.
  • Condom slipped or tore.
  • Diaphragm slipped out of place.
  • Have missed at least two or three regular birth control pills in a row.
  • Are depending on the withdrawal method & your partner didn’t pull out in time.
  • Reason to think your birth control might not have worked.
  • Were forced to have sex.

WARNING!: The i Pill does not protect you from getting pregnant if you have sex after taking the pills.

Reasons to NOT take the morning-after-pill:

  • Know you are pregnant or suspect you might be.
  • Have a history of allergic to it.
  • Are on a course of antibiotics.
  • Have a history of recent abnormal vaginal bleeding that your doctor has not yet evaluated.
  • Weigh more than 74 Kgs or 165 pounds.


Morning after pill side effects: Precautions & Risks

If you vomit within two hours after taking the drug, call a healthcare professional to find out if you should repeat the dose.
The i Pill may also cause some unexpected bleeding. However, it should go away by the time of your next period. Also your next period to be heavier or lighter than usual due to the massive dose of hormone contained in the i pill. It may also come earlier or later than usual.

WARNING ! : If you don’t get your periods within three weeks, get a pregnancy test to make sure you’re not pregnant and the pill has indeed worked.

Many women take emergency contraception without serious complications. But it is better to ask your doctor about possible interactions with other medications. For example antibiotics renders oral contraceptives useless.

NOTE : If you vomit within 2 hours of taking the medication, call your doctor to find out if you need to repeat the dose.

If you experience severe abdominal pain, see your doctor immediately.

How Effective Is the i Pill?

There is no contraceptive method invented by man that comes with a 100% guarantee. All have certain failure rates. That said, emergency contraceptive pills have a good success rate at avoiding pregnancy when taken within the stipulated time.

If you take it within 72 hours after you’ve had unprotected sex, the i pill can reduce the risk of pregnancy by up to 89%. If you take the i pill within 24 hours, it is about 95% effective.

But you should know that emergency contraceptives such as the i pill or unwanted – 72 is not as effective or safe as regular contraception.

So don’t take it as your main form of birth control. It is meant only for A ONE TIME EMERGENCY USE. Also, it does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases.

Are there any drug interactions?

Drugs & herbal products that could decrease the effectiveness of the i Pill include barbiturates, St John’s wort, certain HIV/AIDS medications & more.
Talk to your doctor if you are on any of these to rule out drug interactions. Your birth control pills could be rendered useless by these.

For How many days is the i Pill effective?

Your Fertility is expected to revert to normal levels in 3 to 5 days after taking the i Pill, therefore, you should resume your regular method of birth control right away. Remember that emergency contraceptives such as the i Pill and unwanted – 72 does not protect against additional incidents of unprotected sex.

i pill Side Effects in Hindi

गर्भ निरोधकों या जन्म नियंत्रण गोलियों के दुष्प्रभाव :

  1. जी मचलना
  2. पेट में दर्द करना
  3. थकान
  4. मासिक धर्म या पीरियड  हल्का, भारी, प्रारंभिक या देर से होना
  5. चक्कर आना
  6. स्तन कोमलता
  7. उल्टी होना
  8. सिर दर्द,
  9. वज़न  बढ़ना,
  10. मनोदशा में बदलाव,
  11. मासिक चक्र चूक भी सकता है,
  12. कामेच्छा में कमी आ सकती है,
  13. योनि स्राव
  14. फ्लू सिंड्रोम

यदि i Pill  लेने के दो घंटों के भीतर उल्टी हुई हो, तो यह जानने के लिए कि क्या आपको खुराक दोहरा लेना चाहिए, अपने डॉक्टर से बात करें । i Pill खने से कुछ अनपेक्षित खून बह सकता है हालांकि, यह आपकी अगले मासिक चक्र के समय ठीक हो जाना चाहिए। इसके अलावा आपका अगला  मासिक धर्म हल्का या भरी हो सकता है । गोली में समाहित हार्मोन की भारी खुराक इसका कारण हो सकती है ।

चेतावनी! : अगर तीन हफ्तों के भीतर आपका मासिक धर्म नहीं आता है , तो गर्भावस्था का परीक्षण करें और सुनिश्चित करें कि आप गर्भवती नहीं हैं और गोली वास्तव में काम कर गयी है।

कई महिलाएँ बिना किसी दिक़्क़त के आपातकालीन गर्भनिरोधक जैसे की i Pill ले पाती हैं। लेकिन अन्य दवाइयों  आपातकालीन गर्भनिरोधक  को बीसर ना बना दे इसका ख़याल रखना चाहिए । इस बारे में अपने डॉक्टर से पूछना बेहतर है। उदाहरण के लिए एंटीबायोटिक दवाएँ गर्भ निरोधकों को बेकार कर सकती हैं।

नोट: यदि आप दवा लेने के 2 घंटे के भीतर उल्टी कर देती हैं, तो यह जानने के लिए अपने डॉक्टर को फोन करें कि आपको खुराक दोहराने की आवश्यकता तो नहीं ?
यदि आपको गंभीर पेट दर्द का अनुभव है, तो तुरंत अपने डॉक्टर से मिलें।

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