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How to check if Eggs are Fresh with fresh Egg Test

An egg a day keeps doctors away!
A famous line from ummm… someone. Not sure who said that actually.
Nonetheless, it holds definitely true for the sedentary lifestyle we have been living with little to no exercise. It is disgusting that our average diet includes nothing but fast food, sugared-up coffee or may be some quick eats.
Considering the aforementioned points an egg a day should definitely be part of our daily nutrition intake. However, have you ever though what kind of eggs you are consuming daily. Is it fresh or at least good enough to be considered a healthy food choice?
Let’s take this discussion a bit deeper to find out what should and should not be called a fresh and healthy egg to be consumed without any hesitation.
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How to check if Eggs are Fresh: Fresh Egg Test   

Making your favourite cake for tonight’s party and just found that eggs were bought days back? Such scenarios can freak you out. Before you throw out the older eggs and order new bucket, we advise you go through this page. There are few simple and easy tests which you can try to be sure if eggs are fresh.

  1. Water test – The base of this test is the air pocket inside the egg. As the egg gets older the air pocket size increases allowing more air to get inside. There is constant loss of moisture and mass through egg’s porous shell further increasing the air pocket.


So, when you put an egg in the glass or bowl filled with water, a fresh egg usually lays on its side at the bottom of the glass. If the egg is standing on some angle then it is not very fresh but can still be consumed safely. However, when you see an egg floating, it’s a clear sign that the eggs are quite old and need to be inspected further for safe consumption.

  1. Sound test – As you know the air pocket increases with age thus giving more space to yolk and white to move around which also gets shrink with time. Take the egg in question near to your ear and shake it. Hearing any sound? If yes, then probably the egg is old as the fresh egg doesn’t make much sound. But should go for the third test to be sure if egg with the music is healthy to eat or not.
  1. Crack test – Break it open on a plate and look for the consistency. If the yolk and white spread more on the plate that means the egg is not very fresh. A fresh egg will have a cloudy white, on the other hand a clear white egg suggests the aged egg.


The eggs freshness can also be confirmed if you have got a new packet as there will be manufacturing date printed on it.

How long do fresh eggs last

This is the most common question I have heard people asking to the shopkeeper. Well, eggs are perishable and should be stored properly to keep them fresh. A freshly laid egg can be kept for a month in room temperature but after that surely it must be stored in your fridge. Our grandmothers preferred to have the freshly laid eggs within 6 days as you might feel a difference in taste after that. Though you can have the eggs without any issue within a month.
You will be shocked to know that the eggs available in your favourite marketing centre are at least a month old. Are you worried about the freshness of those eggs? Well, that is another reason why people usually prefer to get the fresh egg from the farms.

How to clean farm fresh eggs    

Do you eat an apple without washing it? Or prepares a delicious curry from spinach without washing it? No? Then why to leave the egg like that. The place where chicken eggs are laid are not clean all the time so should be clean before storing them in your kitchen or refrigerator.
Unwashed eggs or any other food items are not good for health. You need not to wash the eggs with soap or detergent or apple cider vinegar, but just running water would do or can clean the dirt using a paper towel.
A freshly laid egg seems to be wet because of bloom, a layering which prevent the bacteria to go inside the egg. To clean your egg, prefer warm water over cold as if you remember your science books the egg shells are porous and pouring cold water thus results in creating a vacuum inside the egg which then pulls the bacteria. And warm water on the other hand let the egg contents to expand and thus blocking the bacteria to affect the egg. Always store eggs in clean and dry place, preferably on the bed of the straws.

Calories in fresh eggs     

A whole egg contains 54 Calories. Wondering how you can burn those 54 calories? Well, I can give you some options. You can go for a 14min walk or 6 min of jogging. Not interested? If you know swimming just dive and swim for 5mins. Else, get your cycle from the backyard and go for a ride to a nearby friend’s house for 7mins.
Depending on your calorie intake one should always go for an exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of fresh eggs over store bought

So, have already stated earlier about the store-bought eggs that it takes at least a month for them to attain a place in the marketing centre shelf. I have grown up enjoying the eggs from my grandmother’s farm but later when had to go for an egg available in the market, I found them convenient as just have to pay the money and take them home, prepare omelette or just boil them, enjoy your day. But if you ask about the taste then surely, I miss the taste of those freshly laid eggs.
Also, if we go by the nutrient value then the fresh eggs contain more nutrition which decreases with the age of the eggs. Cost wise values may be higher for fresh eggs than the one from the store but we think that they are worth it.

Farm fresh eggs shelf life

Are you looking for the expiration date or best before date in the pack of fresh eggs? Better to decide that with just two of your senses – smell and view. Still if looking for the information than If refrigerated, egg can be kept for 30 to 45 days but if unrefrigerated then better to consume them within 6 days.
 How to check eggs are fresh in water
Have you forgotten the date you have got the fresh eggs from the farms and want to check if they are still good to be a part of your breakfast? One of the best and easy way to test the freshness of an egg is Water Test.
For this test, just you need a large glass of water and egg. Put the egg in the glass, if it settles down at the bottom then the egg is still fresh. Yay!.
If the egg is at some angle or stands then it is old but can be eaten without any issue. But, if floating then better to discard it, it can’t be a part of your healthy breakfast.
Egg freshness chart

 Nutrient  Value % Daily value
Total Fat 3.6 gm 6%
Saturated Fat 1.2 gm 6%
Trans Fat <0.1 gm
Cholesterol 141 mg 47%
Sodium 54 mg 2%
Total Carbs. 0.3 gm < 1%
Dietary Fiber 0 gm 0%
Sugars 0.1 gm
Protein 4.8 gm
Calcium 21.3 mg
Potassium 52.4 mg
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