aloe vera uses for face

Aloe vera uses for face that will leave you amazed

Who doesn’t want clear, radiant skin? But are harsh chemical-laden products taking a toll on it? It is time you should check out the miracle plant called Aloe vera- the extract to make your skin blemish-free and supple. If you want skin that is the envy of all, stop searching for “Aloe vera uses for face” on your phone- we have the answers for you right here.

How is aloe vera useful for the face?

  • Aloe vera plant, also known as Barbados or curaçao Aloe, has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicines to treat and cure different diseases. It is also widely used in beauty and cosmetic products for many reasons. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. (Source)
  • Below are some reasons that focus on Aloe vera uses for the face.
  • Applying a little aloe vera daily as a face mask will help you fight skin acne, eczema and sunburns, and much more.
    Aloe vera helps to release collagen in your skin. Collagen helps fight wrinkles and forms a fibrous network upon which the new layer of skin cells can grow.
  • First-degree and second-degree burns on the face can heal smoothly and gently. Apply Aloe vera on the affected area to reduce the time taken to recover.
  • One of aloe vera’s benefits is producing antioxidants that help repair the free radicals in the skin by pairing up with them. Also, fixing the damage caused by the ultraviolet sun rays slows down the ageing process.
  • Applying aloe vera hydrates your skin which is one of the significant roles it plays. It mainly consists of 98% water which helps you to moisturise and soothe your skin.
  • The water in the aloe vera causes a cooling effect which speeds up the healing process for rashes and sunburns.
  • Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that can decrease pain, swelling, and soreness of your wounds or injuries and boost healing.
  • Aloe vera can help to treat the scars caused by any injuries. It also speeds up the healing process.
  • Aloe vera stops the spread of fungi and bacteria to the affected area on your skin.
  • Medical advice says if you are taking chemotherapy, apply aloe vera gel on sensitive skin to safeguard yourself from the effects of radiation.
  • Aloe vera makes your skin more flexible and elastic, ending the dry skin and the leathery feeling. (Source)
what is the use of aloe vera gel for face

Which part of aloe vera is used for face?

Let us focus on Aloe vera uses for the face. The aloe leaves contain a thick, translucent sap. This is the aloe gel used in beauty products and medicines. If you want to try out a home remedy with aloe gel, you can use an aloe leaf, break it, and draw out the gel by scooping it out. It has a cooling effect on your skin when chilled.

Aloe vera gel uses for face

Aloe vera is a magical ingredient for sensitive skin. The cooling properties of aloe help treat redness, infection, rash and itchiness. Acemannan compounds can treat inflammatory skin problems such as cysts and heat boils in Aloe vera.

Aloe vera consists of 95% water which makes it a natural moisturiser for your dry skin. It acts as a glue for the top layer of skin cells, keeping your skin smoother and softer. It is a light moisturiser for dry skin in summer and oily skin in winter months.

Skin conditions like acne and blemishes are a thing of the past. With the help of Aloe Veras, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, it prevents the buildup of acne in the affected area.

The salicylic acid assists in unclogging the pores, which are effective against pimples and blackheads. It also helps in removing scars and fades blemishes from sensitive skin.

As your age increases, you start to get dry skin or else oily skin; it loses its elasticity. Aloe vera helps you retain the moisture in the dry skin / oily skin and restores its radiance.

Using a face cleanser with aloe vera as its main ingredient will speed up the healing process of your scar, sunburns, and dark spots and remove the polluting effects of city light and air.

Aloe vera contains salicylic acid, which helps you to get rid of dead skin cells. A chemical named Lignin helps the other ingredients to pipe in your skin effectively. (Source)

how to use aloe vera on face for acne

Aloe vera for skin use

While aloe is suited for all skin types, you can combine it with other ingredients to get the perfect beauty masks that suit you. Here are a few DIY recipes that you can check out:

Can we use aloe vera and turmeric for face

One tablespoon of Aloe vera gel extracted from the plant

  • A pinch of turmeric
  • Half a spoon of honey
  • Blend it till it becomes a paste
  • A teaspoon of milk and five drops of rose water
  • Apply it like a face mask and leave it for 20 minutes
  • Wash it off, and you will have a moist and soothing effect on your dry skin

Aloe vera face and body scrub

  • Half cup of fresh aloe vera gel extracted from the plant
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with a cup of sugar
  • Mix the aloe vera gel and sugar well to make a scrub for the face and the body
  • The sugar in the scrub will peel and scrub off the dead skin cells
  • The aloe vera will deeply clean the skin
  • The lemon juice will help reduce the tan and fade out the scars
how to use aloe vera powder for face

How to use aloe vera plant on face for acne

  • Blend some walnuts until they reach a flour-like consistency
  • Add one tablespoon of honey into the blend and mix them
  • Add this mix into freshly extracted aloe vera gel from the plant
  • Apply it as a face mask on the acne and then wash it off
  • The aloe vera’s antioxidants will show the effects in a few days as the acne will reduce
  • The dry skin will start to become smooth and precise

Follow the above steps again so that you can know how to use aloe vera on face for acne.

Aloe vera for sensitive skin.

  • Two tablespoons of extracted Aloe vera gel from the plant
  • Two tablespoons of cucumber juice
  • Half a cup of yoghurt and one tablespoon of rose oil
  • Mix them until it is a paste
  • Start applying it as a face mask on your sensitive skin and let it rest for 20 minutes
  • Rinse it with cold water

How to use aloe vera on face for oily skin

  • Half cup of fresh aloe vera gel extracted from the plant
  • Ten to twelve tea tree oil drops and mix them until they become a paste
  • Apply it as a face mask
  • Leave it to dry overnight and then rinse it in the morning
  • Apply it twice a week, and you will see the results (Source)
how to use aloe vera gel on face for fairness

How to use aloe vera for hair and face

If you are focusing on Aloe vera uses for face, Aloe vera plant is a must-have. It is a cactus, and it has the property to retain water, making it unkillable, aloe purifies the air, and has many abilities. Here are some of its uses. (Source)

Soothing burns

Summers in India are scorching, and staying out in the sun for too long may give you dry skin and sunburns. Aloe vera is the best help for your dry skin to heal. You should apply it twice a day on the burnt area, and the sunburn will start disappearing.

Sometimes while cooking in the kitchen, you might spill some oil on your hands. Applying aloe vera to the affected area will protect you from the marks.

Eyebrow gel

Forgot to buy your favourite eyebrow gel? Aloe vera plant has got you covered. Take a sooplie and dip it into the aloe vera gel and now shape your eyebrows however you want them. If you don’t have sooplie a baby toothbrush will do the work.

Heal cracked heels

If you love to wear flip flops and sandals, then pretty sure you have dry skin and cracked heels. To get rid of them, wash and scrub the cracks with a pumice stone and then apply a thick layer of the aloe vera gel on the affected area.
You may also add some drops of coconut oil or almond oil to it for some extra nourishment. Wear cotton socks to help the treatment.

Makeup remover

You went to this fabulous party and came home late in the night, and you get to know that your makeup remover is over! Take some of those cotton pads and dip them into the aloe vera gel for face use—instant makeup remover.

A dandruff solution

Take 10 to 15 drops of lemon juice and mix it with aloe vera gel. Apply it on your scalp and let it be for 15 minutes, wash it off. Do this every alternate day, and there will be no dandruff left within two weeks.

Day to day moisturizer

Our skin becomes in winters, and if you are one of us too. Then you need to apply aloe vera gel twice a day, this will keep your skin hydrated, and it is lightweight.

Fade the scars and blemishes

Aloe vera gel mixed with lemon juice will help you fade the scars and blemishes. It will also help to reduce acne because of its antibacterial properties. Keep in mind, your skin doesn’t react to the acid in the lemon juice.

De-puffer for face

Dilute the aloe vera gel and fill it into an ice cube tray. When frozen, remove some cubes, wrap them in a muslin cloth, and rub the cloth all over the face. Your face will start to de-puff within minutes.

Reduces hair fall

Hair fall is a significant problem for women and men. If you want to stop it, put a teaspoon of aloe vera gel into your shampoo bottle. Applying aloe vera on the affected area will hydrate and nourish the scalp and the roots, preventing hair fall. (Source)


Aloe vera uses for face are incredible as it is a very beneficial plant, and it has a wide range of uses from the face to the legs. Best for all types of skin, it can heal most skin problems. Always remember before using aloe vera, you should take medical advice from an expert.


  1. Is it alright to apply aloe vera on the face daily and explain what Aloe vera uses for face?

    Yes, if you apply a small amount of aloe vera to your face directly, it will result in curing your sensitive skin conditions such as acne, eczema and sunburns. You can either use the gel from the aloe vera plant or buy a bottled variety to work in the same way.

  2. What will happen to our skin if we apply aloe vera to our face overnight?

    Apply pure aloe vera gel graciously on your face instead of a chemical cleanser. Make sure you cover all the affected areas, corners and ends. You will be boosting the blood flow in your face by killing the harmful bacteria your skin will be able to breathe. And, you can also treat acne on your oily face. Leaving the aloe vera overnight and washing it in the morning will also help you reduce redness and face irritation.

  3. What are some Aloe vera uses for face, and can aloe vera lighten skin?

    Aloe vera contains aloin and aloesin, a natural depigmenting compound proven to lighten and kill dead skin cells. They destroy melanin cells present in the skin and prevent hyperpigmentation, in turn making your dry u003ca href=u0022 glowu003c/au003e and lighting its tone.

  4. What happens if you put aloe vera on your lips?

    Aloe vera is beneficial to your lips, whether it has cracks or not. The aloe vera removes the dead skin cells on your dry skin by binding the moisture to your lips. If you have eaten something spicy, the aloe vera will help you behave like an anti-inflammatory medicine. Applying aloe vera empowers your lips with antioxidants, protecting your lips wrinkles and many other forms of skin damage.

  5. Do Aloe vera uses for face have any side effects?

    It has some common side effects such as hypoglycemia, burning and itching on the sensitive skin if used in excess, stomach pain and cramps if taken in high doses. It also affects diarrhoea, kidney problems, blood in the urine, low potassium, muscle weakness, u003ca href=u0022 lossu003c/au003e, and heart disturbances if taken in high doses for a long time. Liver problems are very rare. (u003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003eSourceu003c/au003e)

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