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We created this health and wellness blog to share our learning’s.

Though we are sharing what we know, by no means we are reaching out to everyone, who can learn something from us. At the same time, we also know that we do not know everything as health and wellness is a wide subject.

At times when we discover something new we spend considerable amount of time to learn more about it. If we find that useful, we may decide to share with the readers of this site.

You may be looking to do the same

Well, all the businesses look for such opportunities. If you think that you are reaching out to all of your target audiences, you might be missing something….something big!!

Therefore, if you are here to work with me to promote something interesting or useful for our reader, we will be happy to assist you. However, we can not guarantee that we will feature your product or service on our blog.

If you are here for the first time, we recommend you to see our blogs first. We are sure that will help you understand more about our users and all our site has to offer.

About us, an Online Health and Wellness Platform is an initiative of “VitSupp Health Care”. This is a Global health and wellness platform striving to simplify knowledge and make it available to readers worldwide. is an Online Health and wellness platform. It is also a repository of  latest health information. Vision: To be a Global health and wellness platform by simplifying knowledge and making it available to readers worldwide. Mission: To educate and provide consumers with top-quality, science-based health information to support their total health and well-being.

Advertise, Promote & Partner with us

Every business is different and has distinct business needs.

While every business wants to sell their products and services as the real indicator of business success. It is possible that at a particular point in time it might be trying to:

  • Build awareness about its products or services
  • Drive trials of its products or services
  • Educate potential users of the advantages of it products or services
  • Generate potential leads
  • Sell and increase their profitability
  • Generate reviews of its products or services
  • compete with an existing or emerging competitor.

Whatever be your business requirement, as long as your product is relevant to our audience, we can consider it for promotion on this website. Again no guarantees please.

Together we can develop a way to reach-out to your potential user.

Who can partner with us

If your product or service meets our quality standards, we can consider it for promotion on this site.

We are only looking for long term relationship, a relationship that can be mutually beneficial.

Advertising, Promotion and Partnership Opportunities

Here are some advertising, promotion and partnership opportunities available on this site:

1 Service or Product Review:

We can create comprehensive service or product reviews on your offerings. Depending on your business requirement we can also create tutorials and usage guides.

2 Display Advertising

If brand awareness is what you have in your mind, you can choose this option. Based on your product context we can provide you a native advertising space on our website.

3 Contests and Giveaway

If you are looking to get trail of your product or service, we can create contests online.

4. Commercial Guest post

At times you want to communicate an official version of a product or service story. If that is what you have in your mind a commercial guest posts suits you perfectly. However, please note that we will only allow a piece of content that 100% original, plagiarism free and useful to our users.

We hope that the above helps you achieve your brand objectives. Happy to discuss further if you have any other creative idea.

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