Best Special Schools for Autism in India for your Child

Best Special Schools for Autism in India for your Child

With increasing incidence of Autism and growing awareness, a number of special school or Autism school for children with special needs have opened all over India. While there are many special schools in India, not all are same in terms of their approach, facilities and teachers. Therefore If you want your child to have the best care possible, you must know what to look for in an autism school in India that is best suited to his or her requirements.

Why Special School

Studies show that early intervention have a marked effect on the development of linguistic and cognitive abilities of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Doctors always stress on the benefits of mainstream schooling for children with autism. (1)
Here, we will have a look at some of the best autism schools in India that are inclusive of children with ASD and are doing their best to integrate such children with the rest.
However, before we share the list with you, here is what to expect for your child.

Why you need Special School for Children with ASD?

Children with ASD have problems with communication and social interaction. They are shy, and often find it difficult to ask questions and take part in discussions. Children with ASD usually have delayed language development.(2)
Various studies show that children with ASD often have trouble learning motor skills, as they tend to stick to rigid behaviours and repetitive motor actions. They also have difficulty following instructions. They may have trouble understanding classroom rules or don’t know how to behave.
Children with autism may have lower IQ than others. About 70% of children with ASD have a non-verbal IQ below 70. Of these, 50% have a non-verbal IQ below 50. Overall, up to 50% of people with “severe learning difficulties” have an ASD.  (2)
However, evidence says that children with ASD can acquire the necessary linguistic and behavioral skills if they can be taught right. They need more patience and empathy from adults in charge of them(3)

Intervention in Autism School

This condition requires more patient and hands-on intervention from teachers, parents and caregivers. Parents of children with ASD say that their kids need more supervision. Many also complain that other children often shun their kids, and that many adults and other parents lack the skills necessary to interact with their children. (4)
These experiences underline the need for community-based inclusivity programs and the importance intervention and supervision by skilled teachers and caregivers.
In a child’s life, family and school is their first introduction to the society. Teachers play a vital role in a child’s life. When teaching children with ASD, teachers must adopt methods that can make learning and socialization easier for them.
Experts say that learning can be made easier if teachers use simpler language, use more visual and tactical props, give demonstrations, include more activities with texts, give relatable examples and teach as many new topics as possible in different situations.
With growing awareness and more inclusive approaches, here are some schools in India that have earned a reputation for being among the best for children with autism.

Best School for Special Child in India

We have covered here some of the  best  organizations for special childs, so that  it would be easier for you to pick the most suitable one to serve the needs of your child and adult. From speech therapy to music therapy, these organizations are using various methods to bring a behavioural change and are doing some amazing work in this field that normal children do.

List of Special Schools in Delhi 

1. Asha Hai

Asha hai is a an inclusive school for special children. They have specially trained staff and Monstessorians who make sure that all their pupils have equal participation in group activities, social interactions, and the advantages of a competitive learning environment.
Their integrated approach focuses on mainstream schooling, developmental therapy, dance movement therapy, special Montessori curriculum and also the use of home based plans. Asha Hai involves parents in their kids’ education with regular parent meetings.
They ensure that children learn how to adapt to new environments and acquire necessary life skills. Asha Hai stresses the importance of early intervention. You can visit their website here.

2. Action for Autism School

Action for Autism is a well known and much awarded non-profit organization in New Delhi. They have an integrated education system for children with autism, which focuses on helping children of 3-17 years learn to the best of their abilities.
The educational program focuses on all aspects like communication, social understanding, play and leisure and self care. The activities are highly experimental, and encourage student participation. They also have a residential facility in Gurgaon.
Action for Autism has special programs for children from disadvantaged background. There is also an early intervention program that prepares children with autism for school. The organization also has individualized programs, and programs for outstation children and parents. You can visit their website here.

List of Special Schools in NCR

3. ACE

The Autism Centre for Excellence has a good reputation for being one of the best schools in Gurgaon. It offers one-on-one services to children with ASD. ACE accepts children of 2-17 years with varying abilities.
Ace aims to provide children with necessary behavioral, academic and linguistic skills that helps them integrate with the mainstream easily. It also provides teacher-training courses, and aims to establish a full-scale vocational program with job opportunities for people on the autism spectrum. You can visit their website here.

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4. Tamana

Tamana is a Gurgaon-based institution registered under the National Trust, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India, New Delhi. It offers individual learning programs for each student. They stress on vocational training, as that is an integral part of self-sufficiency. Tamana also has a night-stay program, which aims at making children less dependent on parents.
Tamana also focuses on socialization with  non-disabled peers- an important area of social communication and vital for self-sufficiency. They also have a teacher exchange program, through which students can learn from trainers coming from abroad. This way, they can learn about new cultures, explore more opportunities and keep up to date with latest technologies and learning methods. You can visit their website here.

5. Sunrise Learning School

Sunrise Learning School is located in Noida. They believe that more emphasis should be placed on interactive play, which makes learning fun and easier. They offer a number of courses and individualized education programs. Sunrise also has special programs for parents and caregivers.
They are known for their pre-vocational and vocational courses. Sunrise also has a special sports academy that gives Special Olympics training, which inculcates sportsmanship, physical fitness and confidence in children. You can visit their website here.

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List of Special School in Mumbai

6. La Casa

Located in Navi Mumbai, La Casa also caters to the needs of children with other developmental disorders like dyslexia and global development disorder. Their curriculum is designed to ensure academic, emotional and social growth of their pupils. The curriculum focuses on acquiring skills through progressive competitive approach.
La Casa has an integrated approach towards their pupils, and include music and art therapy sessions that help improve their self esteem, encourage social interaction and group participation. Structured play sessions help the kids develop behavioral skills. You can view their website here.

7. Gateway School, Mumbai

Part of the global Gateway Schools network, the Mumbai chapter is located right at the centre of the city. Gateway school takes in children of 5-18 years. They focus on creating an enabling environment, as it is often an overlooked factor in school curriculum.
With the help of  international partners and educators, Gateway School aims to prepare their students to take the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) of Cambridge University Examinations Board (UK) and National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) (India).
Each student has their own educational plan. Gateway School focuses on one-on-one training. Apart from that, they also offer after-school remedial courses and extra-curricular programs. You can visit their website here.

8. Priyanj Special School

Since 1998, Priyanj Special School has been offering help to children with ASD. Located in Goregaon, Priyanj Special School offers many teaching courses. They also offer special computer training for children with ASD, which is an essential skill today.
Priyanj Special school follows the National Open School(NOS) curriculum. They aim for making the children capable for mainstream education, social communication, self-care and vocational training. You can visit their website here.

9. Podar Khushi Kids

Podar Khushi Kids is part of the Podar Educational Network. This is an integrated kindergarten program run in coordination with New Horizons Child Development Centre (NHDC). The program caters to children from 2-8 years of age. The class comprises all kinds of children, which helps with mainstreaming special children and encourages social communication.
The program is present in Andheri and Parel, and the school wants to make it available in all Podar schools in Mumbai. Podar Khushi Kids focuses on behavioral therapy, remedial education and other relevant training. You can visit their website here.

10. Child Raise Trust

Located in Matunga, Child Raise Trust focuses on rehabilitation of children with special needs. They also have special programs for adults with autism, where they are given vocational training. Child Raise Trust’s customized educational plan is available for children 3-18 years of age.
They also provide a number of special courses for teachers, educators, parents, caregivers and others related to providing education for children with ASD. You can visit their website here.

11. Ummeed – Mumbai

Ummed aims on other developmental disorders including ASD. Through their strong expertise, early intervention, capacity building, advocacy and research, they have been bringing a positive light in the lives of the kids. You can visit their website here.

List of Special Schools in Bangalore for Autism

11. Bubbles Centre for Autism

Bubbles is a well known school in Bangalore. Bubbles Centre for Autism provides educational and developmental programmes for children in the Autism spectrum. They offer a variety of programs.
Their curriculum not only includes necessary linguistic and academic programs, they also have many extra-curricular activities including art and theatre. These not only help children learn better, but also gives them an avenue to express themselves.
The unique program of Bubbles is the inclusion of cooking classes. Students are taught how to cook and they later enjoy what they have created. The classroom lunches give them a community feeling. You can visit their website here.

12. ASHA

Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism or ASHA provides education along with a comprehensive set of therapies to individuals with autism spectrum disorders. With a student: teacher ratio of 2:1, ASHA tries to make education more effective.
Each child is also a part of group sessions and circle time where social skills are developed. ASHA also provides therapies such as Yoga, Arts based Therapy, Technology Intervention, Speech Therapy and Occupational and Physio Therapy. You can visit their website here.

13. Baldwin Opportunity School

Part of the Baldwin Schools network, Baldwin Opportunity School focuses on children with special needs. It is an extension of the Baldwin Girls’ High School and a Unit of Baldwin Methodist Education Society.
Baldwin Opportunity School is for children who are Intellectually Challenged in the mild and moderate category. The classes are divided into Pre-Primary, Primary, Intermediate, Senior I, Senior II, Learning Lab, Home Maker’s Class and Pre-Vocational Unit.
They also provide opportunity for the students who graduate from the opportunity school to be trained as Teacher Aide to assist the Teacher in classroom activities. You can visit the website for Baldwin Girls’ High School here.

14. Apoorva Centre for Autism

Apoorva Centre for Autism is run by Society for Autistics in India(SAI). It is registered under National Trust. Apoorva caters to children between 2-18 years of age, and offers educational courses benefiting particular age groups.
They also provide vocational training, and organize several workshops and trips for parents and children. You can visit their website here.

15. Prafull Oorja – Bengaluru

Two ladies from the US, Now residing in India, connected on a social networking website and started a non-profit organization.Whose only objective was to aim at improving lives of children with special needs through yoga. Prafull Oorja has made partnership with various schools and organizations where they teach Yoga. They give two weekly yoga classes for about 50 special needs’ children at Tamahar Trust for Children with Special Needs. Classes include asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra and meditation, depending on the children’s physical and emotional levels. You can visit their website here.

Best Autism Schools in Hyderabad

15. Sparsh Special School

Sparsh has various centres in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is multi-service school that provides educational, therapeutic and recreational services for children with special needs thereby fostering their physical, educational, emotional and social development and thus enabling them to play, learn, live and function in the real world.
Sparsh offers a number of trainings and courses. They believe in goals-directed action plans, and provide each student with their individualized education plans. The Sparsh team comprises highly trained professionals who specialize in dealing with ASD, Downs Syndrome,  neurodevelopmental Disorder (Intellectual Disability (ID), and Attention deficit hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). You can visit their website here.

16. Third Eye Learning Center – Tamil Nadu

Third Eye was started by Mrs Saranya Babu Prasath who is a Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst with the Vision of Empowering and expanding the world of Children with Autism through ABA training. Each child is assessed based on which an intensive individual program is developed. Each child is given 1:1 training to expand their knowledge rapidly through ABA therapy. Trainings are given in both discrete trials and naturalistic method with the main focus towards Generalization which should be the final result of any training i.e the child should be able to display the trained behavior consistently irrespective of the place, people or time. You can visit their website here.

17. Smiles Special School & Therapy Center

Smiles Special School and Therapy Centre is part of the Smiles Foundation. Along with their associates, they focus on providing long-term teaching and care for autistic children. They also have special after-school activities.
Apart from speech therapy and physical therapy, they also provide life skills and social skills training. You can visit their website here.

18. Butterfly Therapy Center

Butterfly Therapy Center is a private occupational therapy clinic. BTC provides treatment for a broad range of child developmental challenges including: motor incoordination; sensory-motor dysfunction; behavioral dysfunction; ADHD; ADD; Cerebral Palsy; and, Autism Spectrum Disorders.
You can visit their website here.

19. Care4Autism Society

Care4Autism Society is a non-profit centre for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Centre’s primary mission is to provide children with autism an intensive comprehensive educational program based on the scientifically validated procedures.
Care4Autism Society also has other intervention programs like home, relatives’ homes and community, because what happens in these settings also have major influences on a child’s life. You can visit their website here.

20. Autism Society of Andhra Pradesh (ASAP) – Hyderabad.

ASAP, It’s a non profit organization which was started to help families and children on the Autism spectrum. They offer a large number of services including Psychological Assessments & Diagnosis too. Early Intervention, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behaviour Modification, Sensory Integration, Music Therapy, Group Therapy and so on to cater to the needs of the ASD children.

Best autism schools in Kolkata

20. Shruti Autism School in Kolkata

SHRUTI is the first of its kind school in eastern India. Shruti is organised by a group of professionals who belong to the field of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology.
SHRUTI identifies as a “rehab centre” and specializes in slow learners, children with low IQs and late speakers. They provide occupational therapy and behavioral modification therapy, along with special education.
They favour a multi-disciplinary approach to teach and assess special needs children. SHRUTI has regular assessment sessions every 3 months. You can visit their website here.

21. Alokdhara Special School in Kolkata

Registered under the National Trust, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India, New Delhi, Alokdhara is an inclusive Montessori school that provides children over two years of age with necessary therapy and skills-building abilities.
Alokdhara is a part of Parent Circle Time Autism Identified [PACTAI], a non-profit organization formed in 2008. The school not only focuses on special education, but also gives their students training in everyday, practical fields like money management, survival skills, cooking, crafting, daily life skills and identifying private and social boudaries on reaching adolescence. You can visit their website here.

22.Mother and Child School

Kolkata’s Mother and Child School is famous for its associated restaurant, which is run by children with special needs. Mother and Child School is a fully equipped school with many facilities and staff.
They provide specialized therapies including Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Computer Therapy, Pet Therapy (with Dogs & Horses), Vocational Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Yoga & Meditation and more. They are also in the process to TIE-UP / Associate with Open School Boards, like NOS and others, to enable children enhance their IQ as well as get prepared to give examination. You can visit their website here.

23.Pradip Centre for Autism Management

Pradip Centre for Autism Management believes in keeping up to date with latest research and using innovation while teaching their pupils. They offer various courses, including short term autism management courses.
Pradip Centre for Autism also offers pre-vocational training and vocational rehabilitation. It is registered uner the National Trust. You can visit their website here.

24.SOPAN – Mumbai

SOPAN (Society of Parents of Children with Autistic Disorders) is a registered NGO working for autism and related developmental disabilities. It began in 2002 as an initiative of a group of parents whose children with autism needed education and training. Prior to 2002, provision of services for children with autism was at a nascent stage. Dr. Rubina Lal, a professional and a parent, helped a social service group to start a unit for autism. You can visit their website here.

List of Special Schools in Chennai for Autism

25. Vatsalyam Centre for Autism

Vatsalyam Centre for Autism has a daycare centre for autistic children. The train children with special Montessori methods so that they inculcate curiosity, and learn to explore new concepts and environments on their own.
Vatsalyam is open for regular school going children also. Individual care will be taken for each child to attain their highest goals. Regular school going children have been benefited through this special program. You can visit their website here.

26. Swabodhini School for Special Children

The Government of Tamil Nadu formally recognized Swabodhini School for Children with Special Needs in the year 2006. Apart from providing special education and training, Swabodhini also provides speech therapy and occupational therapy services.
The school is managed by Swabodhini Charitable Trust, which is registered under Section 12Aa of the Income Tax act. You can visit their website here.

27. Sankalp Open School

The Sankalp Open School provides an environment where students learn both academics and life-skills based on their individual achievement levels. The full time students can appear as private candidates for the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Secondary or Higher Secondary Examination.
The students are also trained in Public Speaking,Thinking Skills and Time management. Experts in the fields of Management, Education, Communication, Fine Arts and other subjects are invited to conduct workshops and interact with the students on a regular basis. You can visit their website here.

28.Autism Society West Bengal

Autism Society West Bengal is a parent initiated organization that champions the rights of individuals with autism spectrum (ASD) to participation in areas of education, employment and social events. They do this by increasing awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by individuals with autism spectrum and their families. You can visit their website here.

29. Chrysalis School for Children with Special Needs

Chrysalis, a centre for special needs was founded by Roshinipriya Charitable Trust in June 2007. The centre specializes in identifying children with special needs, with core focus being Autism and provide services to improve the quality of life, for individuals of all ages.
You can visit their website here.

List of Special Schools in Pune for Autism

30. Dawn School

Dawn School in Pune caters to needs of children of 3-18 years of age. Apart from providing speech, behavioral, sensory integration and pre-vocational therapy, they also provide OPD care for children.
They also encourage their students to participate in various inter-school activities and competition. Dawn School regularly organizes night outs for their pupils, which crucial for gauging progress and developing self-sufficiency away from parents. You can visit their website here.

31. Prasanna Autism Centre

Prasanna Autism Centre runs under Padmpurush Foundation, a Public Charitable Trust. The Centre provides full time services to children between 3 to 13 years of age and pre-vocational training for children between 14 to 17 years of age.
Prasanna Autism Centre provides one-on-one training. Children can be admitted throughout the year. They have special outreach programs for mothers of autistic children. You can visit their website here.

32. Saiyam Autism Centre

Saiyam Autism Centre offers Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Behavior Therapy and Special Education for children with ASD. Children are taught how to make things independently and do activities that can help them in the future to sustain a living. You can visit their website here.

List of Special Schools in Coimbatore for Autism

33. Amrit Centre for Special Needs

Amrit Centre for Special Needs is run by “The Society for the Aid of Handicapped Children”, a voluntary organization that has been in existence for over 50 years. A reputed institution, Amrit Centre for Special Needs has seen several of its students participate in Special Olympics and win medals.
Apart from providing special education and therapy, they also provide vocational training for adolescents. They also have an adult activity centre. You can visit their website here.

34. You Can

You Can has Many facilities under one roof. It is is recognized by The State government of Tamil Nadu. At Present, this center provides Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Diet regulations & Floortime therapy for children with disabilities.
This is provided in one on one basis and children gain skills like self-help, toileting, speech, communications and overcome behavioral problems like pinching, spitting, hand flapping, spinning, head banging and other self-injurious behaviors. You can visit their website here.

35. Shivesh Autism Centre

Shivesh Autism Centre offers Occupational therapy, Special Education, Speech therapy, and counseling for parents. The activities given for the children are group therapy, sensorial activities, yoga, play, music, dance, arts and crafts and sensory integration therapy.
They also provide hydro therapy, Audio and video therapy, yoga, play, music, dance, arts and crafts and SI therapy. You can visit their website here.

36. Kaumaram Prashanthi Academy

Kaumaram Prashanthi Academy is run by Kaumaram Prashanthi Trust, (formerly Sri Prashanthi Academy). It is a school for children with different abilities (intellectual disabilities).
Apart from offering special education, Kaumaram Prashanthi Academy also provides training for young adults above 21 years of age. They are working towards including some of their students in regular/mainstream schools. A set of students are also being trained to appear for the Start Board exams. You can visit their website here.

37. Third Eye

Third eye, a unit of Sharanalayam is a charitable Not For Profit Organization recognized by the government of Tamil Nadu. They claim to be the only center to offer ABA therapy by a board certified assistant behavior analyst.
Third Eye specializes in providing ABA therapy, and aims to integrate children with special needs in mainstream schooling environment. You can visit their website here.

List of Special Schools in Jaipur

38. SNM Rehabilitation Centre – Jaipur

SNM’s Autism Centre is Rajasthan’s first rehabilitate and research centre for autistic individuals, providing holistic services under one roof – a special school, sensory integration clinic, early intervention centre, diagnostic centre, research cell and an outreach cell. You can visit their website here.

Special School in Cochin

39. Adarsh Charitable Trust – Cochin

This organization works with autistic kids and focuses on early intervention.It focuses at improving communication skills, cognitive skills, social skills . They teach them through various therapies like music therapy, play therapy, special education, hydrotherapy and many other types of training, Adarsh Charitable Trust is trying to bring a significant change in the lives of the autistic kids. you can visit their website here.

Special School in Ludhiana

40 Darpan Autism – Ludhiana

Darpan school provides holistic development to autistic kids. From assessment and diagnosis to speech and occupational therapy and even parents counselling, Darpan covers so many rounds needed for the all around development of AsD children.

Autism School in Ahmedabad

41.Umeed – Mumbai

There are over 52 million children in India with developmental disabilities and over 650,000 in Mumbai alone. The idea of Ummeed was born while Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy was working at Children’s Hospital in Boston as a Developmental Pediatrician. Ummeed provides specialized care for most developmental disabilities and has moved into areas of training, research and advocacy. It is now one of the country’s leading NGOs, with 70 professionals, much respected for its work in the field of children with disabilities. here.

Autism School in Bhubaneswar

42. CATCH – Bhubaneswar

Centre for Autism Therapy, Counselling and Help (CATCH) is a small group that is run by parents to keep in touch with families of other autistic children and adults. It is a kind of voluntary initiative where parents  share their experiences and children are taught various life skills to lead a successful life. You can visit their website here.

In Conclusion:

Please remember, each child is special. You should find out what schools suit your needs best, and do your research for more local schools. For more information and resources, please visit The National Trust. (6)


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